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    KCET 2017 (Karnataka Common Entrance Exam) for Physics and Chemistry is scheduled May 5, 2017. Physics and Chemistry are compulsory subjects for all the applicants. The KCET 2017 syllabusis set by Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka for first and second year of Pre University Course/Certificate. The candidates appearing for the exam are required to be thorough with all the topics covered in PUC first and second year Physics.

    KCET Physics preparation needs to be started early for good performance. This paper is really important and candidates with proficiency in concepts of Physics can score very well. The exam is conducted by KEA (Karnataka Examination Authority) for admission to Medical, Dental, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Naturopathy and Yoga, Engineering, Pharmacy etc.

    KCET 2017 Physics Paper Weightage

    A total of 180 objective type questions are asked in KCET 2017, out of which 60 questions will be based on Physics. Certain high weightage topics from Physics are Current Electricity, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Laws of Motion, Wave Motion, Solids and Semiconductor Devices. Topic wise weightage for KCET Physics Exam is mentioned in the table here.

    Wave Optics8%
    Heat and Thermodynamics7%
    Ray Optics7%
    Modern Physics: (Atomic Models)6%
    Current Electricity6%
    Electromagnetic Induction6%
    Physics of Nucleus6%
    Wave Motion5%
    Solids and Semiconductor Devices5%
    Alternating Current4%
    Heating and Chemical Effects of Current3%
    EM Waves3%
    Principles of Communication3%
    Units Dimensions Errors2%
    Work Energy Power2%
    Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism2%
    Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum2%
    Motions In 2D1%
    Laws of Motion1%
    Simple Harmonic Motion1%
    Circular Motion1%
    Motion in One Dimension0.6%
    Rotational Motion0.1%
    Kinetic Theory of Gases0.1%
    Vectors Motions0.1%

    KCET 2017 Physics Syllabus

    It is important for the aspirants to be acquainted with the syllabus and know what topics are coming in the exam. Candidates can have a look at the list of topics covered in KCET Physics syllabus mentioned here.

    KCET Physics PUC (First Year)KCET Physics PUC (Second Year)
    GravitationElectric Charges and Fields
    Mechanical properties of solidsElectrostatic Potential and Capacitance
    Mechanical properties of fluidsCurrent Electricity
    Thermal properties of matterMoving Charges and Magnetism
    ThermodynamicsMagnetism and Matter
    Kinetic theoryElectromagnetic Induction
    OscillationsAlternating Current
    WavesElectromagnetic Waves
    Physical worldRay Optics and Optical Instruments
    Units and measurementWave Optics
    Motion in a straight lineDual Nature of Radiation And Matter
    Motion in a planeAtoms
    Laws of motionNuclei
    Work energy and powerSemiconductor Electronics
    System of particles and rigid bodyCommunication Systems

    KCET 2017 Physics Important Topics

    There are certain important topics that need in-depth study by the candidates. These topics have maximum weightage and questions are frequently based on them, in the exam. Important topics from PUC, first year and PUC, second year are:

    Motion in PlaneCurrent Electricity
    Laws of motionSemiconductor Electronics
    Work, Energy & PowerMoving Charges

    KCET 2017 Preparation Tips

    Candidates need to prepare systematically to give their best performance in the KCET 2017 Exam. The best way to score good marks in KCET Physics paper is to read XI and XII NCERT textbooks. The preparation tips for obtaining best results in KCET Physics Exam are listed here.

    1. NCERT Textbooks: Prepare all the concepts mentioned in NCERT Physics books and solve all the sample questions and Practice questions provided in these books.
    2. Previous Year’s Question Papers: Solve previous year’s Physics question papers in a time bound environment. This will help increase speed and accuracy.
    3. Evaluation: Regular evaluation and assessment should be done for the prepared topics to get an idea of candidate’s strong and weak areas.
    4. Revise Formulas: Revise the important formulas regularly and note them in a small notebook. Do not forget to revise them before the exam.
    5. Regular Practice: Do regular practice by solving various sample paper and taking mock tests. It will allow candidates to keep in regular touch with the syllabus. This will help in boosting confidence and strengthening of concepts.

    KCET 2017 Physics Important Books

    Certain books are recommended by experts for candidate’s guidance and help. These books help in providing the right direction to candidate’s preparation and clearing concepts. Some important books for KCET Physics Exam are provided here.

    NCERT- Physics: Part 1 and Part 2NCERT
    Pradeep’s Physics New CourseGomber and Gogia
    Schand’s Principles of PhysicsV.K. Mehta and Rohit Mehta
    Karnataka CET Explorer – Engineering PB (Paperback)MTG
    CET Engineering Entrance – Karnataka Common Entrance Test : 14 Years Solved Papers (2000 – 2013) 3rd Edition (Paperback)Arihant
    CET Medical Entrance – Karnataka Common Entrance Test : 14 Years Solved Papers (2000 – 2013) 3rd Arihant Edition (Paperback)Arihant
    Dinesh Physics For Karnataka Common Entrance Test (For C.E.T & Comed-K'S Examination)Dinesh



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