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    KCET is going to be conducted on May 4, 2017 (Biology & Mathematics) and May 5, 2017 (Physics & Chemistry). Mathematics paper consists of 60 questions and each student will be given a duration of 80 minutes to complete the test.

    Question paper consists of objective type questions. Candidates have to choose the correct option from the given multiple choices. The whole mathematics paper is divided into 16 parts. All the questions carry one mark each. There is no negative marking.

    So, that the candidates can answer to all the questions without bothering about losing their marks if the answer is wrong.

    KCET Mathematics 2017 Syllabus

    It is very important for the candidates to know the KCET Mathematics 2017 syllabus to prepare well for the exam. The questions are asked mainly from 26 chapters. The KCET Mathematics 2017 syllabus is given below in the table: 

    Name of the TopicPercentage of Questions from each topic
    Three-Dimensional Geometry6
    Sets, Relations and functions5
    Matrices and Determinants5
    Indefinite Integration5
    Complex Numbers4
    Permutation And combination4
    Sequence and Series3
    Binominal Theorem3
    Continuity and Differentiability3
    Straight Lines3
    Pairs of Straight lines3
    Exponentials and logarithms1
    Differential Coefficients1
    Heights and distances1
    Application of Derivatives1
    Mathematical Induction1

    Questions from other chapters are less compared to the questions coming from the above given 26 chapters. All those candidates who want to get good marks in KCET 2017 examination, have to thoroughly go through the above given 26 chapters and understand the basics. As it is mathematics paper more than understanding something, you need to practice more questions based on the syllabus.

    KCET 2017 Mathematics Important Topics

    All the topics prescribed in the syllabus are actually important. Give more time to those topics which have got more weightage.

    • Probability
    • Vectors
    • Three-Dimensional Geometry
    • Sets
    • Relations and functions
    • Matrices and Determinants
    • Limits
    • Indefinite Integration
    • Complex Numbers
    • Equations and Permutation And combination

    KCET Mathematics 2017 Preparation Tips

    Using the KCET Preparation Tips, you can improve you scores in KCET examination. There are no shortcuts for getting good scores in the examination. Only way to get good marks is that to work hard.

    • Hard Work

    There is no substitute for hard work. You need to understand the basics of the topics given in the syllabus and practice as many questions as possible. You need to be focused in studies. Prepare notes while going through the topics. It will help you in saving the time at the last moment. You can refer to these notes at last moment. You can’t go through the whole book at the end.

    • Time management

    Time management is important both during the preparation time of examination and also while you are writing the exam. If you need to go through all the topics prescribed in the syllabus, then you need to manage your time. Make a timetable and give more time to those topics which contains more weightage. Also, don’t waste your time sitting with one question. As there is no negative mark, you guys can answer as many questions as possible. So, if you keep time for at least reading those questions you guys can score more.

    • Practice more questions

    Download as many question papers as possible and practice them. Practice makes a man perfect. Also, it will improve your calculation speed. So, the candidates are advised to download previous year question papers which will easily be available in the net try solving them.

    • Keep track of your performance

    Evaluate yourself after completing every question paper. If you are getting better scores and if your speed of doing those problems has improved, then it is clear that you are in the correct path. Otherwise take a break and understand where you went wrong and rectify those problems.

    KCET Mathematics 2017 Important Books

    Several books are available in the market which you can refer for the KCET preparation. The names of those books are given below: -

    1. NCERT Text book
    2. Karnataka CET Explorer:  Engineering PB (Paperback) by MTG
    3. 14 Years Solved Papers (2000 – 2013) 3rd Edition (Paperback) by Arihant
    4. Dinesh Mathematics



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