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No More MH CET, CBSE Takes Over State Board Syllabus

Last Updated - April 18, 2017

After the verdict of the Supreme Court in 2016 the importance and relevance of class 12 score and Maharashtra education board’s HSC syllabus has witnessed a nose dive decline, especially since the two of the most in demand entrance exams of science professional courses – medical and engineering – will now be based on NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) textbooks.

According to the Supreme Court’s verdict in 2016 the admissions to all dental and medical courses all over the nation will now be conducted on the basis of the NEET (National Eligibility- cum-Entrance Test). Similarly, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) recently announced that from 2018 onwards, admission to all the engineering courses will be conducted on the basis of All- India entrance test. The Supreme Court also said that both the exams i.e. for medical and engineering courses will be based on national curriculum, as prescribed by the NCERT books. The basis of this decision is that National school boards like Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have NCERT curriculum and syllabus of Indian School Certificate’s (ISC) is similar.

After the decision of Maharashtra government to scrap the state-conducted Common Entrance Test (CET) for admission to medical science courses has effectively ended the confusion about medical entrance test in the state. This has cleared the air to a great extent and the situation of chaos as of last year wouldn’t be there, when with less than six days left for the Maharashtra Common Entrance Examinations (MH-CET) reported that the National Eligibility Entrance Test was made from compulsory which made students anxious.

Even after the complete scrapping of MH CET and Supreme Court’s decision the parents and students are full of unanswered questions. According to the parents and students there is lack of clarity about the 85% domicile for students from the state seats in private institutes. There have been verbal announcements in 2016 that 85% seats in private institutes will be kept for state domicile but no official statement has surfaced up yet.

CET being scrapped came as a blessing for students as now they will not have to go through a series of entrance test, one of the parents said. However the students still have to study the NCERT syllabus for entrance exams and also the ‘common state board syllabus’ for state board exam. The problem is that there is no common syllabus across the country’s state board.

AICTE’s decision will also now put an end to CET held by state government for engineering aspirants as well. Some states have though opposed to this move by the AICTE, especially Andhra Pradesh. Their main point of concern is that the difference in state board and central board syllabus is remarkably huge, and to expect students to study two different curriculum for entrance exam and state board exam at the same time will be too much to ask from them.


It is good to have a single window admission policy for competitive exams but the students who have been preparing for the entrance exams conducted by respective state government are in now in a state of bother. There are also some more significant impacts of this decision by the apex court.

  1. Trend change in Coaching Classes : The Supreme Court’s decision to replace state-level and other entrance tests for medical and dental courses with NEET has started a change in trends of coaching classes. Same has started for JEE Mains as well. The aspirants in the city are moving from local coaching classes to classes that are part of national chains.

The perception of national level coaching classes being better equipped to prepare students for NEET, JEE Mains and Advance seems to be the reason for the trend. Local classes have reported a dip in the enrolment of medical and engineering aspirants this year, whereas branches of national –level classes in Mumbai, many of which have headquarters in Kota have witnessed a surge in their enrolments.

Around 1200 students have enrolled in Rao, a national level institute, which is twice as much as last year’s 600. However, the figure includes repeaters as well but this is still sufficed to verify the trend. The demand for their study material and test papers has also increased.

  1. Dilemma for Architecture Aspirants : The bad thing is that students who wanted to opt for architecture courses in 2018 are still not sure about the fact that which entrance exam will be applicable to them. Since CET for engineering students will not be applicable to them, there is clouds of ambiguity that will they still appear for a state conducted entrance test or a national level test. An architecture aspirant from Mumbai told COLLEGE DUNIA that they understand that the government is trying to bring all exams at par level but in doing so they are left with changed syllabus every year. This constant change is affecting their daily studies. Surely, we believe too that students don’t deserve to be put through such anxiety.
  2. Rise in demand of more national level exam’s test centres in Maharashtra : The Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has penned a letter to state medical education minister Girish Mahajan to increase the number of examination centres in each district of Maharashtra, to make it more convenient for students from villages and small towns to take the test.

Around 97000 aspirants had taken CET for health courses previous year. The state’s directorate of medical education and research(DMER) estimates around 1.5 lakh students to take NEET this year. Even after being aware of this number CBSE, which conducts the entrance test across the country, has announced that all examination centres in the state will be located in six major cities, namely Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nashik, Nagpur, Thane, Pune.

According to Pravin Shingare, director of DMER concentration of the exam centres in select cities makes it easier to monitor the test. National level tests have a high risk of paper leak and other malpractices if its held at multiple places rather than selected cities. But due to this the students will have to bear economic and mental pain to appear for these exams. They will also lose their time which will be detrimental to their progress.

Many other challenges and impacts will be there for students and government, but if this system is made constant from now on and further changes are to be avoided than this is worth the effort.



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