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COMEDK UGET 2018 Expected cutoff

Last Updated - February 12, 2018

COMEDK Cutoff 2018 will be released by COMEDK on its official website for the Engineering colleges in Karnataka. The online entrance test is scheduled to be conducted on May 13, 2018.

COMEDK Cutoff is the minimum marks required by the candidates to take admission in Karnataka COMEDK Engineering Colleges. Cutoff will be published twice in the form of closing ranks for each institute by the organising committee of the test. This will be followed by a counselling session to assign candidates colleges and courses as per their ranks in the merit list. 

Cutoff varies for each course and also as per category of students. Candidates can check the COMEDK UGET 2018 Expected Cutoff from tables given below.

COMEDK 2018 Marks v/s Ranks

The variation of ranks with marks obtained in the test is given in the table:

Marks ObtainedPredicted Rank
660 – 72010 – 1
640 – 65950 – 11
600 – 639150 – 51
550 – 5992000 – 151
500 – 5493000 – 2001
450 – 4999000 – 3001
400 – 44915000 – 9001
350 – 39930000 – 15001
300 – 34960000 – 30001
250 – 299150000 – 60001
200 – 249250000 – 150001
150 – 199350000 - 250001

COMEDK UGET 2018 Expected College wise cutoff

Given below is the College wise Expected cutoff for COMEDK 2018 . All the cutoff given below are the closing ranks for the various courses. Candidates can get the idea of the rank they must target to get admission the desired college:

A M C Engineering College, BangaloreGM385593538749050313713584549282
Acharya Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM33792892914070225831262520711
ACS College of Engineering, BangaloreGM56755262214146652082-49660
Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, ChikmagalurGM560175342648376-4545050932
Alliance College of Engineering & Design, Alliance University, BangaloreGM562081830228685--31250
Alpha College of Engineering, BangaloreGM539121872326075--54093
Alva's Institute of Engineering and Technology, MoodbidriGM513245513851144-5567056898
Appa Institute of Engineering & Technology, GulbargaGM2781748927---25537
ATME College of Engineering, MysoreGM54572399705763433691-56823
Atria Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM539132421025503-3340442608
B L D E A's V.P. Dr. P G Halakatti College of Engg & Technology, VijayapurGM56760508045286633456-41689
B M S College of Engineering, BangaloreGM3667373607-6031590
B.G.S. Institute of Technology, B G NagarGM565861920452020-4172645472
B.N.M. Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM-4359731813614562112397
B.T.L. Institute of Technology & Management, BangaloreGM-4503343692-4340856931
Ballari Institute of Technology & Management, BellaryGM494695747948554--45908
Bangalore College of Engineering & Technology, BangaloreGM547762209437829521224496734631
Bangalore Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM1048914842977364019535379
Bangalore Technological Institute, BangaloreGM439602368140352--50918
Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology, DavangereGM485922561235260557424198155078
Basavakalyan Engineering College. Basavakalyan -BidarGM-42022----
Basaveshwar Engineering College, BagalkotGM385582217739297-44439-
BMS Institute of Technology & Management , BangaloreGM951526414566594431656414
Brindavan College of Engineering , BangaloreGM527264688948359-5593950343
C.M.R. Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM3391364401155417960872521013
Cambridge Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM455081446925027446282112943349
Cauvery Institute of Technology, MandyaGM-56413----
Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology, TumkurGM467325735353472-4893344979
Christ University Faculty of Engineering, Bangalore-------
City Engineering College, BangaloreGM529893200754874--57204
CMR University, BangaloreGM-1847136734-3031037515
Coorg Institute of Technology, Ponnampet-South KodguGM3941944296---35605
Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology
& Management, Bangalore
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, BangaloreGM1539623614714869534328578
Dayananda Sagar University, BangaloreGM--9941--11444
Don Bosco Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM411612622835269361553269657614
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM22679948312873-1217620250
Dr. T. Thimmaiah Institute of Technology, K.G.FGM-53476---27501
East Point College of Engineering & Technology, BangaloreGM3278118546---2952
East West Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM568623607553666520654890855697
G M Institute of Technology, DavangereGM571824735541658-4813038553
G.S.S.S. Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, MysoreGM-35691387854970437009-
GITAM University, Bangalore RuralGM51752382364467355855-56846
Global Academy of Technology, BangaloreGM572192005129670420422350237238
Godutai Engineering College for Women, GulbargaGM--23---
Gopalan college of Engineering & Management, BangaloreGM394223616654018--37419
H.K.E.Society's P. D.A. College of Engineering, GulbargaGM460085677151313---
J.S.S. Academy of Technical Education, BangaloreGM2366456869329-719218866
J.S.S. Mahavidyapeetha JSS Science & Technology University, MysoreGM1198114382917-26805820
Jain College of Engineering, BelgaumGM551133032342120--47194
Jain Institute of Technology, DavangereGM-4511354335--37728
Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering (J N N), ShimogaGM491943183134493406024007457685
Jnana Vikas Institute of Technology, Bangalore-Mysore Highway, Bangalore RuralGM-56102----
Jyothy Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM-3473652057-5303446195
K N S Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM575113604455386-53320-
K S Institute Of Technology, BangaloreGM-2096324406--28326
K.L.E Society's K.L.E Institute of Technology, HubliGM374641272427461-2945736772
K.L.E Technological University (Formerly known as BVBCET), HubliGM20742110961205616671-17266
K.S. School of Engineering & Management, BangaloreGM5498544201---55107
Kalpataru Institute Of Technology, TipturGM-21184---54626
Karavali Institute of Technology, MangaloreGM-----29684
KLE DR. M.S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering & Technology, Udyambag- BelagaviGM4910430677---38838
KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, BelagaviGM368721995925786345742463531978
KLS's Vishwanathrao Deshpande Rural Institute of Technology, HaliyalGM568845308250715--54010
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM441845188715577972197
M.S. Engineering College, BangaloreGM55638312655709654714-54954
Maharaja Institute of Technology - Mysore, MandyaGM494372558827484--44906
Malnad College of Engineering, HassanGM----29755-
Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering, Moodbidri-MangaloreGM558364062952517-2034655139
Mangalore Marine College and Technology, MangaloreGM--4739220405-34428
Moodlakatte Institute of Technology - MoodlakatteGM---23807--
Mysore College of Engineering and Management, MysoreGM38971931821383--28739
Nadgir Institute of Engineering & Technology - BangaloreGM-5326454056-51207-
Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology, BangaloreGM577213826656349-5209957036
NIE Institute of Technology , MysoreGM-21613077-32013304
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM239935962936611512876115161
NMAM Institute of Technology, NitteGM434901374721791276801961228997
P E S Institute of Technology & Management, ShivamoggaGM7548582796667009443415777
P E S Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus, BangaloreGM-10632342-17594933
P N S Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM50283489454631542632-28263
P. E. S. College of Engineering, MandyaGM172471082315408-15243-
Presidency University, BangaloreGM56504323595424151113-53510
R L Jalappa Institute of Technology, DoddaballapurGM-4076615780---
R R Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM-3876345794445772870155296
R.T.E. Society's Rural Engineering College, Hulkoti-GadagGM-5412256469--38905
R.V. College of Engineering, BangaloreGM3199180390732315829
RAI Technology University, BangaloreGM--57431--46844
Raja Rajeswari College of Engineering, BangaloreGM574333781755433542114699750358
Rajeev Institute of Technology, HassanGM-41579--32529-
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM35905187911531410884-45712
Rao Bahadur Y. Mahabaleshwarappa Engineering College, BallariGM-26906----
Reva University, BangaloreGM3657497051571824209-21390
RNS Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM193343545653010618494714398
S J B Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM34067849012379183911053722061
S.E.A. College of Engineering & Technology , BangaloreGM-5635448871-2866255534
S.J.P.N.Trust's Hirasugar Institute of Technology, Nidasoshi -BelgaumGM-44877---53429
Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, MangaloreGM493103897955881-5603851177
Sai Vidya Institute of Technology , BangaloreGM535022269730198350552970649466
Sambhram Institute of Technology - BangaloreGM-4433854988-5394754419
Sapthagiri College of Engineering, BangaloreGM389621321923654282651892737921
SDM College of Engineering & Technology, DharwadGM325051509521670260861931328864
SDM Institute of Technology, UjireHKR38626-----
Shree Devi Institute of Technology, MangaloreGM-57663---33532
Shri Madhwa Vadivaraja Institute of Technology & Management,BantakalGM-27377---39432
Shri Pillappa College of Engineering, BangaloreGM-55127----
Shridevi Institute of Engineering & Technology, TumkurGM1161555453-40388-40451
Siddaganga Institute of Technology, TumkurGM149014585667710859580912435
Sir. M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM1388120573994755527728172
SJC Institute of Technology , ChickballapurGM467403460657730-5413450523
SJM Institute of Technology, ChitradurgaGM-3786841319---
Smt. Kamala & Shri Venkappa M Agadi College of Engineering & Technology, Laxmeshwar-GadagGM50210-----
Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM4545257034-45525--
Sri Revana Siddeshwara Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM557253013642755--35846
Sri SaiRam College of Engineering, BangaloreGM-95731982223515-44085
Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, BangaloreGM466472669220932-3393030324
Srinivas Institute of Technology, MangaloreGM-4976441624--43001
Srinivas School of Engineering, MangaloreGM-54160----
SSET's S.G. Balekundri Institute of Technology, BelgaumGM513705762452920--56273
St. Joseph Engineering College, MangaloreCHR57081351364205450566-55702
T. John Institute of Technology,BangaloreGM567482719347215-3241234504
The National Institute of Engineering, MysoreGM-27694425-43564343
Tontadarya College of Engineering, GadagGM-44709---29002
Veerappa Nisty Engineering College, YadgirGM-44695----
Vemana Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM494194750147319-5553936770
Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & Technology, MysoreGM388152605435795401053810637285
Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, MysoreGM303521284519788262501660628087
Vijaya Vittala Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM-49770---50775
Vivekananda Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM5341139950---45874
Yellamma Dasappa Institute of Technology, BangaloreGM-37326--5683656735
Yenepoya Institute of Technology, MoodbidriGM--21801--51075




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