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RBI Assistant Job Profile, Salary, Promotion

Last Updated - December 02, 2017

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) hires Assistants through a common recruitment process every year. All the vacancies come with All India Posting liability in any zonal offices of RBI.

RBI is the most prestigious banking organization in the country and in the banking sector. Also, in India, RBI is the regulator of banking industry, and it’s a dream come true for every banking aspirant to part of this esteemed organization.

This article aims to answer some common questions concerning RBI Assistant Recruitment among students, “What makes RBI Assistant job so desirable? What are the benefits of being an RBI employee? What is the salary and job profile of RBI Assistants?” We have tried to resolve all your queries in detail. 

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RBI Assistant: Job Profile

In India, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is known to be the Banker to other Banks, therefore, the responsibilities one need to undertake after selection as Assistant holds critical importance. Whether a new currency is being introduced in the country or demonetization of existing currency is taking place, it is the Assistants who bear great responsibility. 

RBI Assistant’s job profile includes but is not limited to following:

File Work: As an RBI Assistant, the most common job that you have to do is to maintain files on various matters of the organization. It also includes collection of receipts, balance tally, maintenance of ledger, etc.

Data Entry: In any private sector or public sector organization, a common job for any Assistant is Data Entry. You'll have to process and feed the data in the organization's database which is to be retrieved and used later. However, these days, with the digitalization of the banks, the job profile of an assistant is mostly related to working on the computer/laptop and entering day to day transactions.

Replying to Mails: Surely, RBI being the father of all Indian Banks, gets a lot of letters every day. So, as an RBI Assistant, it will be your duty to reply to most of them and then get it approved by your boss, before drafting the final reply.

Making RTI Applicants Happy: You will be responsible for drafting replies to all the RTI queries, forwarded by the Information Commission. Your job is to draft a reply, which is satisfactory, and makes the applicant happy and it should not be rude.

Inward and Outward Mail Entry: RBI receives a lot of letters as well as sends a lot of them too. So, a part of your job as an RBI Assistant will also be to maintain a record of the same.

Currency Issue & Circulation: In case a new currency is released, an RBI Assistant has to take up the responsibility for its fast circulation in the country. Also, in case of demonetization, you will be in charge of handling all the issues related to circulation of new currency and collection of old currency.

These are the main responsibilities of a RBI Assistant. Other than these, you will be responsible for ensuring financial stability in the organization, and take up some other responsibilities like, verification of banking documents and attending Government Treasury Works.

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RBI Assistant: Remuneration and Perks

RBI is definitely among the most well-known employers in the banking sector when comes to payouts and benefits. Candidates can get complete 

Salary & Allowances: At present, the in-hand salary of an RBI Assistant is approximately INR 32528 including house rent allowance (@ of 15%). Various other allowance like dearness allowance, city compensatory allowance, transport allowance, etc. are also provided to RBI employees.

Accommodation Facility: RBI Assistants are also eligible for official accommodation (living quarters), on the condition that they are actually available. You will not be entitled to house rent allowance if you are not taking official accommodation facility.

Books & Newspaper Allowance: As an RBI employee, you will be entitled to newspaper allowance, book grant allowance, etc. Apart from these, you will also be authorized to briefcase grant.

Conveyance Expenses: If you are using your own vehicle for official purposes, you will be authorized for reimbursement of the maintenance expenses spent on the vehicle every month.

Medical Facilities: RBI takes good care of its employees when it comes to health issues and sickness, as for any treatment expense or hospitalization charges, you will be reimbursed the total expense (i.e. 100%). In case of the dependents (family members) of the employees, 75% of the total expense is reimbursed.

LTC/LFC Facility: Working in RBI, will also make you eligible for Leave Fare Concession (LFC) or Leave Travel Concession (LTC) facility, according to which, the bank will reimburse you for any trip within the country. You are also allowed to encash your LTC/LFC facility, if you are not interested in going on a trip.

Interest-Free Loans: Last but not the least is interest-free loans. As an employee RBI, Assistants are eligible to get loans for education, housing, car, personal consumables, etc. without any interest. 

Working Days: You will have to work for only five days a week. Weekends are off for all employees.

These benefits are the best in class in the banking sector. So now you can see what makes the post of RBI Assistant so desirable. Right?

RBI Assistant: Career Path

The most important question for any banking aspirant is “Where shall I be after 10 years?” Youths today look for job opportunities that have good promotional avenues ahead. RBI offers exceptional opportunities for aspirants who plan make it big in their lives.

You will get several chances for promotion to the higher levels, by applying for the promotion test and appearing for internal promotion exams. But before applying for the promotion test, one has to complete minimum service period of two years, only then they are eligible for promotion to Officer Cadre.

There are broadly two ways one can get promoted,

  • Seniority-Based Process
  • Merit-based Process

Seniority-Based Process: This is the process for aspirants who are comfortable with their existing job roles and are looking for an executive role in the organization. After working as an RBI Assistant for 10 years, you will be promoted to the post of Special Assistant and after that, you will be eligible for the post of Senior Assistant, etc.    

Merit-Based Process: In the merit-based process, any employee aspiring to be promoted to the officer cadre has to qualify the written exam as and when conducted. Selection will be done on the basis of candidates' seniority in the services of the bank and overall experience.

After completing two years of service period as an RBI Assistant, if you qualify the examination, you will be promoted to be Grade A Officer or the Assistant Manager, which is the lowest Grade in the hierarchy of Officer Cadre. After that, if you apply again for the promotion test, you will be promoted to Grade B or Managerial Level, then likewise to Grade C or Assistant General Manager, Grade D or Deputy General Manager, Grade E or General Manager and finally to Grade F or Deputy Governor.



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