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AP EAMCET Normalization Procedure - How to calculate Final Marks?

Last Updated - April 18, 2018

AP EAMCET is conducted in multiple sessions each year. For this year, the exam is scheduled from April 22 – 26 in online mode. Candidates can appear only in one session based on same AP EAMCET Syllabus. It is obvious that the comparison of question paper will be done by the candidates.

However, to maintain equality among the candidates a normalization procedure is introduced by JNTU Kakinada. Below is the formula used in AP EAMCET Score Calculation:

AP EAMCET Normalisation Procedure, AP EAMCET Normalisation of Marks

SMS: (Average + Standard Deviation) of the session in which the candidate belongs to

GMS: (Average + Standard Deviation) of all the candidates across all sessions together

Top Average Session: Average marks of the top 0.1% of the candidates in the session in which the candidate belongs to

Top Average Global: Average marks of the top 0.1% of all the candidates across all sessions Together

Note: From EAMCET 2009, a 25 % weightage for inter marks and 75 % weightage for EAMCET marks will be used for calculation of AP EAMCET Ranks. Only Group subject marks will be considered in Inter-weightage. After aggregating the both Inter + EAMCET weightage Marks final EAMCET Rank will be calculated.

What is Normalization?

  • Normalization in the examination simply means calculating scores of each candidate with fair means.
  • It is a process of ensuring the students neither advantaged nor disadvantaged by the difficulty of examinations conducted in multiple sessions.
  • Normalization process ranks all the candidates across all sessions on a comparative scale.
  • In any normalization process, the marks of the easier session may be reduced marginally and the marks of the harder paper may increase marginally on the global level, depending on the average performance in each session.
  • If there is no much difference in the averages between two sessions then there won’t be much difference in the normalized marks as well.
  • Normalizing marks would justify the candidates while protecting their actual performance.
Note: Various national level exams like GATE, JEE Main, CAT etc are adopting the normalisation procedure.

Weightage for Assigning Merit Ranks

AP EAMCET Rank is prepared by considering 75% of EAMCET normalised marks and 25% of Intermediate marks in group subjects (PCM/ PCB).

  • For candidates having qualifying marks in AP EAMCET, if after normalization, the marks in any individual subject(s) become negative, then the normalized mark(s) in the respective subject(s) are treated as zero. However, total marks in three subjects are considered as EAMCET marks.
  • For SC and ST candidates, having no qualifying cut off in AP EAMCET, if the marks in all the three subjects after normalization go below zero (negative), the total marks is treated as zero and the rank will be assigned based on 25% of Intermediate marks weightage. 

CheckAP EAMCET Results

AP EAMCET Demonstration with Example

The following is based on a sample data to explain the normalization process. The data is based on almost equal number of candidates in all the four sessions.  Normalization is indicated subject wise so that students get the benefit based on subject wise performance rather than the entire paper in a session.

Averages and Standard Deviations in a particular session and averages of top 0.1% candidates of a particular session, Global Average and Standard Deviations of all sessions together, Averages of top 0.1% candidates in all sessions is given in Table 1. Example data of normalized marks is shown in Table 2 to Table 5.

Table 1: Averages and Standard Deviations of sample data

 Top 0.1% Avg74.2837.9337.7
 Top 0.1% Avg74.8538.0337.93
 Top 0.1% Avg70.0535.5539
 Top 0.1% Avg70.1836.439.38
togetherTop 0.1%---

Table 2: Example of Normalized marks in Session 1

C1Actual Marks0000
 Normalized Marks-4.6-1.407-1.49-7.498
C2Actual Marks83516
 Normalized Marks3.8571.6823.8459.385
C3Actual Marks611625102
 Normalized Marks59.8915.0725.19100.1
C4Actual Marks763638150
 Normalized Marks75.7535.6739.06150.5

Table 3: Example of Normalized marks in Session

C1Actual Marks1348
 Normalized Marks-3.741.5952.5950.451
C2Actual Marks149225
 Normalized Marks9.9327.7710.46418.17
C3Actual Marks482433105
 Normalized Marks45.6923.2133.49102.4
C4Actual Marks783839155
 Normalized Marks77.2437.6239.88154.7

Table 4: Example of Normalized marks in Session 3

C1Actual Marks0000
 Normalized Marks2.6340.6220.9574.21
C2Actual Marks105116
 Normalized Marks12.815.831.92620.6
C3Actual Marks50173198
 Normalized Marks53.5218.3330.99103
C4Actual Marks743938151
 Normalized Marks77.9441.2437.77157

Table 5: Example of Normalized marks in Session 4

C1Actual Marks4127
 Normalized Marks6.4571.972.93511.4
C2Actual Marks197935
 Normalized Marks21.758.0189.64139.4
C3Actual Marks1361635
 Normalized Marks15.637.0116.3539
C4Actual Marks67924100
 Normalized Marks70.6910.0324.01105
C5Actual Marks57835100
 Normalized Marks60.499.02534.55104
C6Actual Marks803840158
 Normalized Marks83.9439.2639.34163



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