AP EAMCET 2017 Physics Syllabus and Preparation Tips

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    AP EAMCET 2017 is an entrance exam conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTUK ). Candidates seeking admission in various UG courses offered by Institutes across Andhra Pradesh gives the exam of AP EAMCET.

    Application forms for AP EAMCET 2017 will be available from the first week of February, 2017. The exam is scheduled in the last week of April, 2017. The AP EAMCET 2017 Result will be released in May 2017.

    The AP EAMCET 2017 exam comprises of 160 MCQs (multiple choice questions). The time duration to complete the examination is 3 hours. The mode of AP EAMCET 2017 examination is online. Candidates are advised to read all the instructions carefully before start attempting the paper.

    AP EAMCET 2017 Exam Dates

    Application starts from1st week of February 2017
    AP EAMCET exam dateLast week of April 2017
    Admit card releaseThird week of April, 2017
    Result declarationMay 2017

    AP EAMCET 2017: Weightage

    A good preparation is very important to crack any entrance examination. So, candidates should know about the weightage of chapters from where the questions are asked.

    The following table shows the weightage of different Physics chapters that candidates need to prepare at the time of exam:

    Current Electricity7%
    Heat and Thermo Dynamics6%
    Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism6%
    Work Energy Power5%
    Wave Motion5%
    Simple Harmonic Motion5%
    Physics of Nucleus5%
    Solids and Semiconductor Devices5%
    Modern Physics: (Atomic Models)5%
    Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum5%
    Laws of Motion4%
    Rotational Motion4%
    Electromagnetic Induction3%
    Ray Optics3%
    Units Dimensions and Errors2%
    Vectors Motion2%
    Motions in 2D2%
    Wave Optics2%
    EM Waves2%
    Alternating Current2%
    Heating and Chemical Effect of Currents2%
    Principles of Communication2%
    Circular Motion1%
    Motion in One Dimension1%
    Kinetic Theory of Gases0.1%

    AP EAMCET 2017: Syllabus

    AP EAMCET 2017 examination is conducted for those candidates who are seeking admission in Engineering stream, Agriculture and Medical Stream. An examination is based on the 12th standard subjects. In the EAMCET 2017 paper is comprised of 40 Physics questions containing 1 mark each. There will be no negative marking in the examination.

    The following table shows the Physics syllabus for both the Engineering stream, Agriculture and Medical Stream:

    Physical WorldCurrent electricity
    Units of MeasurementsMoving charges and magnetism
    Motion in Straight LineMagnetism and Matter
    Motion in PlaneElectromagnetic Induction
    Laws of MotionAlternating Current
    Work, Energy and PowerElectromagnetic Waves
    System of Participles and Rotational MotionDual Nature of Radiation and Matters
    Mechanical Properties of SolidsSemiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
    Mechanical Properties of FluidsCommunication Systems
    Thermal Properties of MattersElectrostatic potential and capacitance
    ThermodynamicsElectric Charges and Fields
    Kinetic Theory 
    Ray Optics and Optical Theory 
    Wave Optics 

    AP EAMCET 2017: Important Topics

    Candidates need to prepare all the topics from Physics syllabus but there are always some important topics in the syllabus that candidate should prepare at any cost.

    The following list shows the unit wise most important topics of Physics syllabus:

    UnitsImportant Topics
    Current ElectricityOhm’s law-circuit, Cells, Kirchhoff’s law and their applications, Potentiometer, Problems on Kirchhoff’s law, Wheat stone and meter Bridge, Temperature coefficient of resistance, back emf etc.
    GravitationUniversal gravitation law, Variation ‘g’, Orbital and escape velocities, Theory points on basic forces in nature, Solve the problem on Orbital and escape velocities applying the law of conservation of energy.
    Heat and ThermodynamicsFirst law, second law, various thermodynamics processes, triple point etc, Solve and Unsolved problems in academy textbook, problems on the first law of thermodynamics, joules law and heat engines are important.
    Laws of MotionNewtons’s laws, Law of conservation of momentum, Lift problems, Connected bodies- practice drawing the free body diagrams, Practice Telugu academy solved and unsolved problems, Friction, Divide Friction chapter as horizontal and inclined motion
    Motion in a PlaneVectors, Oblique projection, Horizontal projection, Subtraction work out problems begin on river boat, rain umbrella relative velocity problems, Projectiles finding the range, maximum height, range, and velocity at any point.
    Moving Charges and MagnetismBiot-savert law, Ampere’s law applications, Couple acting on coil, TG, mcg, Practice all academy problems
    OscillationsPhase calculations and problems related to wave motion, different formulae related to velocity, acceleration and their maximum values, problems based on simple problems, practice problems on combination of strings
    Systems of Particles and Rotational MotionVectors, centre of mass, horizontal circular motion, vertical circular motion, moment of inertia, torque, angular momentum, work out problems to cross products, practice problems on multiplication of vectors related to topics like kinematics, Newton’s law etc.
    Work Energy PowerVectors, work – power – energy, collisions, problems related to dot products, work and work energy theorem, law of conservation of energy, find velocity of colliding particles in one-dimensional head on collision, coefficient of restitution, practice problem on Gun-Bullet problems

    Preparation Tips

    Prepare Smartly - Hard work always pays, but efforts in the right direction with the right approach at right time never turns into waste. So, start your preparation in a smarter way as soon as possible.

    Prioritizing Sections - Candidates should solve the sections and questions as per their priority. If a question seems easy and less time consuming, it must be attempted first. The questions which are seemed easy but calculative should be solved later.

    Time management is the key- Keep a bull’s eye on the timer you are allotted to solve each problem. If a question is taking much time to solve and answer, leave it and jump over another. The key of success for time management is not to get stuck with single problem and waste time over it.

    Self-made Notes- In any entrance exam it is crucial to prepare notes. It is even better when the notes are self-made. This is because they are as per your own understanding. These helps in fast grasping the formulae, short tricks and the concepts. Candidates should prepare the notes and place them on their study wall.

    Revision Strategy- It is very important to revise on a regular basis. Give quality time to all the sections. There are topics which are easily forgettable, so revise them properly.

    Thorough with the Syllabus- All the topics cannot be easily covered but it is good if you cover most of it and that too with the thoroughness. Candidates should not leave the topics that are very frequent in the entrance exam.

    Practice weak topics- While preparing for AP EAMCET, candidates should identify their weaker areas and work on them too. Weaker topics can be improved by constant practicing. Apart from practicing questions, candidates should also learn tricks related to their weak topics in order to solve questions quickly.

    Mock/ Practice Papers- It is the best way to know the pattern of the exam. Practice makes a man perfect. Giving mock tests help in knowing the weak and strong areas. Taking regular mock tests should be a thumb rule of every candidate during the last weeks of preparation. The best thing of mock tests is, it enhances time management skills which is a must for candidates appearing in AP EAMCET.

    No new topic during last week of exam- Read, practice, revise and repeat is a key to success but don’t just read the topics and make them perfect without revision. The topics at which you are perfect, make sure you revise them properly. Don’t read anything new at the last moment as it is difficult to remember without the proper revision.

    AP EAMCET 2017: Suggested Books

    Candidate’s basics concepts should be clear before start preparing for the entrance examination. For clearing, the basic concepts candidates need to go through books of 11th and 12th class. Examination standard is considered average by experts.

    The following is the list of Suggested books from which candidates start preparation:

    • NCERT Solutions Physics Class 11th
    • NCERT Solutions Physics Class 12th
    • Physics for SEE – GBTU 2014: Uttar Pradesh Engineering Entrance Exam
    • Concepts of Physics (Volume 1)
    • Concepts of Physics (Volume 2)
    • Handbook Physics: Key Notes, Terms, Definition and Formulae (Class 11th and 12th)
    • .Xam Idea Physics for Class – 12th

    AP EAMCET 2017: Online Resources

    In this generation candidates prefer online preparation. For online preparation, there are several websites available which provide study materials, mock test and previous year papers so that candidates can prepare well for an entrance examination. Some study materials are available free and some are not. Mostly Physics syllabus is similar to other examinations Physics syllabus. Candidates can watch video lectures to understand the concepts clearly.

    Following is the list of online resources for EAMCET 2017 Physics:

    • https://www.wifistudy.com/eamcet-exam-preparation.html
    • https://www.tcyonline.com/tests/eamcet-physics
    • http://www.etoosindia.com/
    • https://www.youtube.com/
    • https://www.simplylearnt.com/
    • https://www.physicsgalaxy.com/



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