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Selection process for IIM Tiruchirappalli 2016-2018

Last Modified : September 03, 2015

IIM Tiruchirappalli was established on January 4, 2011 by then HRD and Telecommunication minster Shri Kapil Sibal under the patronage of the government of India and the stewardship of IIM-B. Under the mentorship of mentorship of IIMB the institute aims at developing competent professional for the Industry.

The selection process for IIM Tiruchirappalli involves 4 stages:


Stage 1:

IIM Ahmedabad conducts CAT entrance examination every year in the month of November. If the student meets the cutoff percentile of the institute they are qualified for the next stage.

Stage 2:

The expected minimum cutoff percentile for CAT 2015 is mentioned below.

Category of Candidates

Verbal and reading comprehension

Data interpretation and logical reasoning

Quantitative Aptitude




























Note: This percentile score is 90% accurate. IIM Tiruchirrappali will decide number of candidate to be called for WAT and PI.

Stage 3: WAT and PI

Earlier IIM Udaipur used to coordinate WAT and PI for IIM Raipur,IIM Ranchi, IIM-rohtak, IIM tiruchirappali and IIM- Kashipur also referred to as new IIMs. But now IIM kashipur coordinate the process.

After you meet minimum cut-off you will be eligible for PA process and the personal appearance process will be conducted in two steps

Written ability test(WAT)

To prepare for this part it is important that you practice writing on some essays which are given previously to the candidates who cleared the cut-off for new IIMs some of the topics are:

  • Cricket is cannibalizing the space, the space of other sports in India
  • The greatest tennis star of all time.
  • The recent financial crisis highlight the perils of capitalism.
  • Vishwanathan Anand is as good a brand ambassador as Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Banning politicians with criminal records from contesting elections is against their rights.
  • India versus Bharat : a divided nation.
  • Essential services like water, electricity should be privatized Union.
  • Budget is a useless exercise and activities like recession put it off track.
  •  Is disinvestment in profit making PSU’s advisable?
  • Should petroleum subsidy go away?
  • Corporate Social ResponsibilityDiscuss the role of public private partnership in India’s Economic Growth.
  • Voting should be made compulsory.
  • IIM should make one year of social service compulsory for all students.

You can follow a proper structure to write your essay which should include:


you can give a brief introduction about the topic, avoid long definition that are obvious as it will be cliché. You can start with an anecdote, quotes, and metaphor.



you can include two paragraphs in this if you have time. It be must be in continuance with the introduction and should lead to the third part of the essay that is conclusion.



Although it will be small but it should be written very carefully as this will be the crux of your point. The examiner will carefully look at this part for your marking.


Note : you will be allotted minimum 10 and maximum 30 minutes to write your essay.

Personal interview (PI)

After your WAT is over you will be asked to appear for Personal interview (PI) as per your turn. Some common question you should prepare for are:

     1.   Tell me about yourself

     2.   Why do you want to join IIM?

     3.   Are you interested good salary or good job.

     4.  What are your hobbies (they might ask you many questions related to your hobby so when you do tell your hobby make sure you know everything about it).

      5. They might ask you about some terms related to commerce like CSR, FDI, FII etc. or some terms being used in newspapers recently.

      6.    They can offer you tea, coffee or a toffee it would be up to you to accept it or not.

      7. They might ask you about your high school marks, graduation marks, why they are fluctuating every semester etc. be ready with an answer.

      8. After getting an idea of your caliber they might end the conversation. Then you can say thank you and leave politely.

Your evaluation during the interview will be done on the basis of:

  • Your communication skills, attitude while giving interview and personality.
  • Your academic knowledge and disposition will be marked.
  • Management, leadership attributes, social awareness and disposition will be tested.
  • The evaluating panel will also test your presence of mind during the whole interview session.

Stage 4

After you have appeared for PA a merit list will be prepared by the authority which will include scores of CAT, personal appearance and profile the weightage is mentioned below:

CAT score- 50

Personal appearance: 30

  • WAT- 15
  • PI-15

Profile of the candidate: 20

Based on relevance and quality of work experience (achievements, rewards etc.) work experience has 5 percent weightage.

Graduation marks will have a weightage of 10 percent but this weightage may vary depending on the marks and discipline .

The formula for that is: UG Performance score= (per cent score at UG*discipline weightage)*0.10.

This performance is measured by multiplying percentage marks scored by candidate in graduation by the weightage applicable to the discipline. The discipline weightage is mentioned below:

Engineering Technology : 0.6

Science : 0.8

Arts/ Medicine (including pharmacy) : 0.9

Commerce/ Economics/ Management: 1.0

Here is an e.g. of your score calculation :

If you score 80 % in your graduation with science stream you score will be

(80*0.8)* .10= 6.4, hence the weightage will be 6.4

Master’s degree or professional Qualification:

2 per cent weightage (Pass in Master Degree/ final examination of CA/ICWA/CS)

Gender Diversity:

3 percent weightage for female candidates.


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