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Group discussion preparation tips for IIM Kozhikode

Last Modified : September 04, 2015

After giving CAT 2015 a cutoff percentile will be issued on the basis of which candidate will have to appear for next stage. IIM kozhikode will conduct GD+PI+WAT for their final selection of candidates for which a candidate will receive call letter where you can  find all the details regarding venue, timings, date etc.

Group discussion process

  • Group discussion will take place among 8-13 candidates depending upon number of candidates present.
  •  When you enter the room you would be asked to get seated and the topic would be announced. This would be the topic on which every candidate has to write essay within 15 minutes.
  •  After this your sheets would be taken from you no extra time would be provided to make notes and group discussion will start immediately.
  • The time limit would be 15 minutes for group discussion also.

Important Tips to Crack Group discussion

It is important that you start working on your group discussion skills as early as possible. These tips will help you get better marks in this session.

  • Read all the current affairs from past 1 year and if you have less time you can study current affairs from past 3-4 months. For this you can purchase magazines published every month covering current affairs and general awareness topics. Some of the magazines are: Pratiyogita darpan, jagran josh, BSC monthly magazine, Manorma.
  • Try to read some business magazines also as the topics are generally related to it. Some of them are-business line, business world, business standard, business week.
  • Read newspaper daily and if possible read it out loud. Some of them are –The hindu, Indian Express, Economist (weekly newspaper).you might not enjoy reading newspaper at first but after regular practice you would develop a habit of reading newspapers daily.
  • Even if you are excellent at English or are aware of the happening around the world don’t take the group discussion very lightly and don’t be overconfident as the people who are not good at these are already trying very hard and might defeat you as the saying goes “slow and steady wins the race”.


If you don’t have time to read

Many IIM’s select the candidate considering their work experience and people doing 9-6 job can’t spend quality time on reading. So here are some tips through which you can deal with this problem.


Jagaran josh- you can download this app in your smart phone to stay updated with current events. The app contains 8 sections:

  • Latest
  • Economy
  • National
  • International
  • Science and Technology
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Sports
  • Corporates

You can stay up-to-date by simply reading news from these sections .Each section gets updated with the latest news.

Business Line

This app will keep you updated with business news. You will find BL Ink, Breaking News, top stories, stocks and varies other topics in this app.

Other apps are: The hindu, dainik jagran, Times of India

You can use these apps while travelling in a bus, rikshaw, train anywhere and anytime. You just have to download these apps in your smartphone and read the material on daily basis.

You can also watch news on TV:

1. You can watch Fatafat at 10:30 PM on ABP news where you can see the top daily news within half hour.

2. Non-stop superfast news at 9:58 pm on Indiatv news

3. You can watch Doordarshan news channel

4. News bulletin on BBC.

Other channels are NDTV, Times now, ET Now, Zee news etc.

How to improve vocab

  • Read novels: if you are not in a habit of reading novels, you should start by reading novels written by Indian authors like
  • Chetan Bhagat’s  five point someone, two states, 2020 revolution
  •  Aravind Adiga’s white tiger,
  • Uday Yadla’s a walk in the rain.
  • Life is what you make of it, Preeti Shenoy

The English used in these novel is simpler than used in novels written by authors from overseas. It would be easier to read and grasp the content in the book, also this will develop your interest in reading.

Once you start reading you will face some difficulty in getting the meaning of some words, mark those words write them in a diary find out there meaning using dictionary and memorize them.

Repeat the exercise until you are confident to move to foreign author.

When you decide on reading novels by foreign authors you can start by reading these novels:

  • The girl with the dragon tattoo by Stieg Larsson.
  • The shadow of the wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
  • The Green gauntlet by R.F. Delderfield.
  • The Power of One by Bryce Courtenary.

Read the novels word by word if you can’t get the meaning out of it at once you should try to read again and again until it is clear. This will improve your comprehension power and vocabulary too. Try to learn at least 2 and maximum 10 new words daily while reading these novels.

You can also download Apps in your phone to increase your word power one of them is :

Wordpandit app

The app comes with three level of words you can choose level with your comfort. For every word meaning, memorizing tricks, synonyms and antonyms is provided with a lot of data on a single word. You can also take as many tests you want and there are a number of other features in this app which will help you improve your vocab.

Communication improvement tips for group discussion.

Now comes the most important skill which you must harness to crack a group discussion which is communication. Some important tips are mentioned below which will help you do that.

  • You can make a group with friends where all of you communicate only in English .Make a pact that no one will laugh even when someone says something wrong, encourage and correct each other whenever required it will decrease your hesitation and also improve your fluency.
  • Watch Hollywood movies, series, T.V shows, listen to English music, note down difficult words memorize them and try to use them in daily communication.
  • Attend mock group discussion sessions in a coaching institute. In the starting Speak whatever you feel like, get used to the situation. Examine viewpoints of other students also note down if you find something useful.
  • You can also have random discussions within group of your friends, classmates you can talk about what is going on and work on. For e.g. take a topic corruption- talk on what are reasons behind it, what measures should be taken to decrease it, who is the main culprit, should we blame the government, think of examples you can use to prove your point and why others should support your viewpoint, what do you think should be solution for it, history behind it.
  • Go through all the topics given previously to the candidates for discussion.

Other Skills you should work on

  • Listening skills

Not only being a good speaker is important but being a good listener is important too. So don’t interrupt other candidates while they are speaking start talking when you realize their talk is about to be over. Also if you are being interrupted you should politely ask the person to let you finish first.

  • Taking initiative

Speaking first in the group will highlight you in the eyes of evaluating panel. But once you start make sure that you are taking the discussion into a right direction if someone else points out that you are wrong it can decrease your points instead of increasing. Although it is an advantage if you initiate the discussion but if you don’t get the chance don’t be disappointed you have rest of the discussion left you will have advantage of getting to know about the topic with other’s point of view.

  • Team work

Don’t turn the room into a battlefield stay calm and politely put your point forward make sure other support you and listen to you. You can indulge with one or two candidate by asking them ‘do they agree with you, don’t they think it is a solution etc.’ you may choose a person who is not speaking during the discussion this will show your team work skill.

  • Leadership

You should make sure that the discussion is not losing its point. Sometimes it happens that the main topic is lost in the discussion and everyone goes into that flow. This thing could cause rejection of the whole group. So you should state if the group is moving away from the topic this will show your leadership quality and increase your points too.

  • Persuasion:

This is one of the important skill that the industry is looking for .you should be able to persuade others to hear your ideas and understand that too without hurting or crushing other’s viewpoint.

To get an idea of how you will be evaluated look at the table given below. The faculty seated for evaluating generally takes these points into consideration.

 1.Eye contact

While listening…..

While speaking…..


2. Verbal communication


3. Personal introduction


5. Verbal communication


6. Body language


7. Interruptions


8. Opening statement


9. Content






Things you can use to your advantage:

  • It will be an advantage if you join group discussion classes to have practice session before attempting actual ones. This will not only improve your performance but also keep you aware of some extra topics.
  • Try to talk to some people from your group discussion group if u get the time. Keep a friendly behavior with everyone. It will be very helpful as this will get you in a comfortable zone and your hesitation might decrease.
  • Once you enter your room make sure you wish every faculty present for evaluation with this you can come in notice of the faculty.
  • Listen to the news very carefully 2-3 days before the group discussion session. Memorize some important ones and you can relate those news to the topic this will show the faculty that you are up to date.

 To get an Idea of the Topics you will get in group discussion there are some topics which were given to the candidates previously.

From all IIM’s

  • Package shouldn’t be the sole criteria while deciding a job.
  • Globalization is helping a lot of third world countries. Does it really help the underprivileged who actually need it?
  • Two party system is needed for economic development of India.
  • Politicians should be asked to go to business school.
  • Should India Foreign Policies be Pro –US.
  • Politicians should attend a business school.
  • Negative effects of animal conservation practices.
  • Is media corporate lobbying justified in a democracy?
  • Should India allow 100% FDI in all sectors?
  • Policy reforms in higher education sector will enhance employability.
  • Mankind should end war before war ends mankind.
  • Is education being diluted by increasing number of seats and decreasing the course load?
  • Is education being diluted by increasing number of seats and decreasing the course load?
  • Renewable source of energy.
  • Success v/s Values.

IIM Kozhikode

  • Cyber law bill has failed. Cyberspace patrolling is just not possible.
  • Ecological concern, not a luxury for a country like India.
  • BCCI should be dissolved by the government.
  • Should PSUs be privatized?
  • SEZs- Impact on farmers.
  • What should be done to uplift status of Muslims?
  • Poaching of tiers: decreasing numbers in the state of Madhya Pradesh.



Q- What if I don’t get a chance to speak at all during the whole group discussion.

First of all you should make all the efforts to speak and if even after trying your best you can’t speak due to constant interruption, shouting of other candidates or any other genuine factor. Faculty is going to notice it and you will be given a chance to speak at the end of discussion.

Q-what type of topic would be given to us in group discussion?

The topic could be:

In a form of case study where you will be told to come out with a solution for the case


A specific situation would be given to you and your response would be analyzed


Simply a topic would be given to you and you will be asked to have discussion on that topic.

Q- Would talking in loud voice be beneficial for me?

Your voice should be audible that means neither too low nor too loud. If you are talking in a loud voice it will give an impression that you are out of control and you can’t handle a chaotic situation with right means. So keep your voice only that high that it is audible to the evaluating panel.

Q-If a talk longer than other students my chances of being selected are high?

This is not always true if you are taking more time than other students by interrupting, cutting their lines, or shouting at them this shows your arrogance and overconfidence. Faculty is looking for leaders, Team workers, you taking other students time spitefully will show that you are not a team person but a self-centered one and hence you would not be selected.

Q- What do I do if other candidates have already said my points?

If others have already taken your points and you can’t think of anything else in the favor of the argument you can choose to go opposite from the argument (vice-versa) this will bring you in the limelight and can increase your points. Be sure of the points you are using for countering the argument it should reflect your knowledge not lack of it.

Q- If I speak at the ending time of the group discussion would it be beneficial?

Keeping quit during the whole session and speaking in the last 2-3 minutes would not help as the evaluating panel would remember those who spoke the most during the whole session if you can’t speak for long make sure you at least speak at the start and at the end of the session as our brain has a tendency to remember what came first (“primacy”) and what came last (“proximity”).

Q-how long is the group discussion

The group discussion session is generally 15-20 minute long. To maximize your score you should wear a watch to the center and keep account of the time so that you can plan what you will say and when you will say.

Q-I cannot understand foreign accent of English clearly what do I do

You should start by watching dubbed English movies first and see it in English language later. Make sure you watch movies with American accent only as they are easier to grasp. If you start by British accent it would become very confusing for you for e.g. in British English we spell and pronounce ‘colour’ and in American English it is ‘color’.

Q- My group discussion session went bad it was like a fish market I wouldn’t get into IIM what do I do?

First of group discussion is losing its charm among the IIMs so you can make up for it in PI, your profile score, cat score. And if you think there is no scope at all you can fill forms for XAT, GMAT, MAT, SNAP and CMAT.

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