10 most pocket friendly countries to study abroad

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1 Germany

The country with awesome scenery, most beautiful castles, tastiest beer and an automobile haven. If these reasons were not enticing enough for anyone to visit Germany, there is one more feather in the cap that distinguishes Germany from any other country.

Ques: Did you know?? Many public universities in Germany offer education in undergraduate and post-graduate courses for free.

Yes, you read it right, apart from bearing the minimal administrative cost i.e (150-250 Euros) no other fee will be charged by the university.  Especially all undergraduate courses are free in Germany. Just imagine studying in a country where ‘Value of education’ has been declared in the top 5 countries of the world as such low cost.

Overall Cost of Living In Germany:

165 Euro Food
82 Euro Transport
150-250 Euro College/University Administrative Cost
298 Euro Living Expense

Tuition-free universities in Germany:

  • Hamburg University of Technology
  • University of Leipzig
  • Ruhr University of Bochum

2 France

Paris the city which can be rightly called as the crown of France, has been ranked the most student friendly city. Not once or twice, 5 times in a row! Many other cities in France were also on the list of top 100 cities for international students. The features on which this selection was made included: Cost of studies, Desirability of the city and quality of life, Universities/schools rankings, Student mix, Employers' reputation

The estimated tuition fee for international students is 184 Euro per year for Bachelor programs and 256 Euro for master’s programs.

Course Wise Average Cost in France:

Bachelor Programs 190 EUR per year
Engineering Degree 620 EUR per academic year
Medicine Studies 450 EUR per year
Masters 260 EUR/year
PhD 396 EUR/year

List of Universities with Lowest Fee:

  • Université Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies – average tuition fees 270 EUR/year
  • Ecole Centrale de Nantes – average tuition fees 450 EUR/year
  • Université du Maine – average tuition fees 500 EUR/year
  • Grenoble Institute of Technology – average tuition of 1,000 EUR/year

3 Austria

A country known for its food and culture. It is the home country of world famous musicians. Austria is a country of worth seeing landscapes too. The specialties also include the cost of studying in Austria which is far less than studying in India. Students get the opportunity of being in a productive environment being surrounded by world in class infrastructure.

At a very low cost approx. 2-3 lacs for the entire undergraduate or postgraduate programs. What else can you desire, living in a country which is on the wish list of every tourist and studying in some of the world-famous universities. That is why Austria comes in the list of best countries to live as well as study.

Overall Cost of Living In Austria:

726.72 EUR per semester Studying
15 to 35 EUR Food
250 – 270 EUR Living Expense

Most Low-Cost Universities:

  • WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Johannes Kepler University Linz
  • University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

4 Norway

It is considered as the most beautiful and unique tourist destinations in the world. Natural attractions like Fjords, mountains and midnight sun makes it a one of a kind experience to live in Norway.

In total 40 public higher education institutions are tuition-free for all students, whether they come from the EU/EEA countries or not. Students will just have to pay a semester fee for the student union between 32 and 65 Euro.

Living in Norway can be a little expensive so on an average living in Norway including all your expenses will cost you around 900-1000 Euros. But the fee is still not much compared to the quality education Norway is famous for.

Overall Cost of Living:

32 – 64 EUR Masters/Bachelors/PHD studying Cost
240 EUR Food
950-110 EUR Living Expense

Tuition-free universities in Norway:

  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • University of Agder (UiA)

5 Spain

The country which has gained popularity from Bollywood. The low cost of living and low tuition fee makes Spain an apt location for foreign students to pursue their career. Also in Spain, the fee remains same for EU and Non-EU candidates. There is no disparity for European and Non- European students in terms of bearing expenses.

Tuition fees in public universities:

  • Bachelor degrees: between 12.50 to 36 EUR/credit (the equivalent of 750 – 2,100 EUR/year)
  • Master and PhD degrees: between 15 and 55 EUR/credit (the equivalent of 900 – 3,300 EUR/year)

Overall Cost of Living:

Tution Fee for UG Programs

 750 – 2,100 EUR/year

Housing Rent

800 – 850 EUR/month



Most affordable universities in Spain:

  • University of Jaen – tuition fee is 1,000 EUR/year
  • Open University of Catalonia – tuition fee is 1,500 EUR/year
  • University of Lleida – tuition fee is 1,800 EUR/year

6 Mexico

Most famous vacation destination with over 20 million foreign visitors in a year. It is very famous for Tequila, Aztecs, beach resorts. Mexico has not only excellent food but also the overall cost of living and studying is not unaffordable.

The Public universities in Mexico can cost $378 and $818 per academic year.

Overall Cost of Living in Mexico:

Tution Fee for UG Programs

$378 and $818 per academic year

Housing Rent

$80 to $100 per month


$150 – $200.

Lowest Fee Institutes:

  • Navajo Technical College
  • Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture
  • New Mexico Highlands University

7 Portugal

Portugal has 5 universities present in world top rankings, a strong presence for a relatively small country. Portuguese universities have a long-lasting tradition of research and higher education, alongside being an attractive destination for international students.

Average Studying Cost:

  • Tuition fee in Portugal: 1000 to 1500 EUR/year
  • Overall living costs: 500 EUR/month, including accommodation, food and leisure.

Lowest Fee Institutes in Portugal:

  • Catholic University of Portugal – average tuition fee 700 EUR/year
  • Polytechnic Institute of Bragança – average tuition fee 1,050 EUR/year
  • Polytechnic Institute of Leiria – average tuition fee 1,150 EUR/year

The leading study centre in the country is the capital, Lisbon, followed closely by other student cities like Porto, Coimbra or Braga.


8 Italy

Art lovers or creative soul people feel second home in Italy. With it’s architectural marvels and amazing fashion Italy has been an eye catcher since a long time. But few people know that Italy can be a very good place to pursue your career too.

As opposite to what people expect the costs for studying and living in Italy is far less than what you think:

  • Average tuition fees in Italy – 850 to 1,000 EUR/year at public universities.
  • Overall living costs in big cities - 1,000 to 1,500 EUR/month.
  • Overall living costs in student cities (Pisa, Padua, Turin) - 750 EUR/month maximum

Most Affordable Universities in Italy:

  • Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna - average tuition fees 4,000 EUR/year
  • University of Bologna – average tuition fees 2,100 EUR/year
  • Polytechnic University of Milan - average tuition fees 3,300 EUR/year

Costs include accommodation, food costs, public transportation, local travel and/or entertainment.


9 Lithuania – rich education offers with friends living costs

Home to over fifteen higher educational institutions that also provide a significant number of English-taught programs, Lithuania is a less known European country that welcomes over 3,000 international students yearly. Universities in Lithuania focus on both the theoretical and the practical side of teaching and offers students the possibility to engage in educational, professional or scientific/practical work.

Average Studying Cost:

  • Average tuition fees in Lithuania -1500 to 3000 EUR/year at local universities
  • Overall living costs - 500 EUR/month

Costs of living anywhere in Lithuania are some of the lowest in Europe.

Lithuania has four major student cities, with Vilnius, the capital and Kaunas as the most popular ones.

Most Affordable Universities in Lithuania​:

  • Academy of Business and Management
  • European Humanities University
  • University of Bialystok

10 Hungary

Covering a wide range of study options, relatively low costs of living and bustling cultural life, in Hungary, students can receive a high-standard academic education.

Minimum Cost A Student has to Bear:

  • Average tuition fees in Hungary – 1000 to 3000 EUR/year at local universities, depending on degree level
  • Overall living costs – 500 EUR/month, include housing, food, travelling, entertainment and social activities

Most Affordable Universities in Hungary:

  • Attila Jozsef University
  • Avicenna International College
  • Budapest University of Economic Sciences