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Are you a college student? And want to earn a little to carry out your own needs? Well here are the possible jobs that can help you out without disturbing your college life and studies. If you want to earn during your college life to sum up extra money you have to work smart. Here are the online jobs available to you for helping you out making extra cash during your college, jobs that won’t be boring and won’t take your soul out from you while you are working on it.

1 Online tutor

Tutoring the world’s most flexible and most fantastic job you can ever do. While the whole world require teachers, online tutoring is also a platform available for the students, though the pay is not satisfying but it allows a huge amount of time flexibility as well as freedom. Luckily the online platform is on a rise. Most of these include teaching students abroad for example you can teach students in china your native language or most common language ENGLISH. For making your work easier there are many sites that provide job opportunities as in and skooli.

  • An average pay for student starts from 400-500 per week
  • Flexible work hours
  • No work pressure
Online tutor

2 Translator

No matter what second language you speak you’ll always have a translator job available for you. Here’s how. While you are speaking English as your native language there might be a person in need as a translator for his or her language. Translator is the best online job while the pay in this job varies on the quality of gig you provide. It’s a job with full comfort. There might be time where a student will have to change the text.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Student can earn up to how many words you convert(for eg Rs5 per word you convert)
  • Various sites that help you to get a part time job as a translator(unabell or upwork)
  • Work from home

3 Freelance writing

You don’t have to be qualified to be a writer. Anybody can be a freelance writer it totally depends upon your dedication as well your passion towards it. You don’t need any qualification describing that you are a writer. All you need is a small writing portfolio to start off and you need to be good at self-editing and that’s it you are good to go.

  • You are your own boss you can create your own
  • Enjoying your work as you can work from home or anywhere you want to
  • Well the pay depends on the quality of your piece you create but for an average you can start from Rs200-Rs300.
  • There are various online websites or companies that require content writer so availability for this job is always in the top.
Freelance writing

4 Blogging

If you love going and spending your time reviewing things blogging is the best job for you. Blogging is a job in which a person has to be steady and helps you to work the way you want to and what you love to do. Blogging not only makes a steady income but also helps you in increasing your networking skills. It makes a steady income through sponsors, advertisements and many more. There are many blogging platforms like or blogger and many more.

  • A blogger can earn up to 250-300 rupees. You just need to study the matter properly and start blogging in your style.
  • Flexible working hours
  • You get to know more people around
  • You get knowledge of updates around you
  • You can start off your own business through simple blogging
  • Sites that can help making your blogs interesting like or dafont

5 Book Reviewer

Are you fond of reading books? What if you get to read many e-books plus you are paid to read it. Yes a kind of part time job in which you get to read and write a review and you get paid for it from various different companies that hire you. Many newspaper or magazine companies hire people as there as their target audience. You just have to login to paid books where you will find many different books to read and review on. How to get paid? Follow these steps-

  • Create a free account in Digital Artist Online website.
  • Make out some time Daily to read E-books (at least one or two).
  • Make an account in Coin Base wallet. (Just like Block Chain Wallet)

If you continue to read e-books daily you can make a desirable money for yourself without making your college life difficult.

Book Reviewer

6 Fashion Stylist

There are always the typical freelancing routes whether being a blogger or a designer or even becoming a fashion stylist, YES a fashion stylist as a job. Do people look to you for style advice? Helping out people in the field of style will not only help you in gaining your experience but will also provide you a good amount. Well it’s not an easy field to earn cash for college students but in return it gives you whole lot of fashion experience. A fashion stylist can earn up to 200-250 rupees per day, though it is not as easy as other jobs.    

  • Sharing your own passion
  • Creative in nature
  • Doing the job that you love to do or desired for
  • Pay depends on the quality of work you provide it can vary from Rs500 per hour to 15k per hour
  • Flexible working hours
Fashion stylist


Its 2017 and everyone do have their needs especially the upcoming generation “college students”. It is very difficult to manage both a job as well as a college life, well here are some solutions that can help a college student not only manage their college life and studies in a best manner as well as earn a desirable amount of moneyto fulfil their basic needs. Online part time jobs is a platform that not only gives a student the opportunity to earn but also to learn.