Does opting science in class 12th guarantee success?

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As soon as students in India pass tenth standard, there is a big question in front of them. “Beta ab konsi stream loge PCM or PCB?” Being a commerce or arts student has always been considered as a backup plan. That if you could not get good grades in the tenth, you will have to opt for some other stream rather than Science.

But the question is if Science could really ensure success, why are we seeing so many jokes trolling on unemployed engineers? How can they not get good jobs even after studying PCM in class 12? The answer is very simple, if you know your talents and learn to nurture them from a very young age, no one can stop you from being successful.

In India, the latest buzz word is skill-development. As Modi Govt. knows for a youth country like ours, developing our most abundant resource (manpower) should be of prime importance. Because only when the youth notices what exactly they are capable of creating, our country will reach new heights.

Through this article, we will introduce you to the success mantra of 3 people we idolize the most and will suggest you three points following which you can pick the right stream for you:

3 Famous Personalities: Reason for Success

1 Chetan Bhagat:

We all know him as the author of our favourite novels like Five point someone, One night @ the call center, the 3 mistakes of my life, 2 states, revolution 2020 etc. 

But do you know before writing these bestsellers he had done Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Delhi and MBA from IIIM- Ahmedabad? He was working in Goldman Sachs as an investment banker when he wrote his first novel ’Five point someone’.

Just think a person who has a flourishing career in a world-renowned company, decides to pursue his passion and leaves behind a stable well-paying job.

You cannot believe but yes, money can still not provide that satisfaction which pursuing your passion can provide. This is the reason why these people were crazy enough to challenge the societal norms and follow their heart. 

Today, Chetan Bhagat is not known as an Engineer or MBA graduate but New York Times cited him as the biggest selling English novelist in the Indian history.  

Now he is seen as a successful novelist, screenplay writer, recognized all over the world for his contribution.

2 Azim Premji:

The 3rd richest man of India, chairman of I.T giant Wipro, dropped out from Standford University. At 21, after his father’s demise, this young mind created an I.T empire, even without completing his engineering degree.

So, can we call this destiny or his will or his self-belief, which helped him to reach such heights? Today this man has a net worth of 11 Billion, though he completed his degree later. But we all know that a degree can never guarantee this amount of success.

Actually, the X-factor is the person’s will and how well he adjusts to the environment and learns to grow in whatever resources he/she has.

3 Sushant Rajput:

This handsome lad who has won millions of hearts by his phenomenal acting skills. Did you know, he is actually an AIEEE topper, stood at 7th spot in 2003. Later he took admission in Delhi Technical University (DTU) in mechanical engineering stream. The person who won National Olympiad in Physics, choose to act in serials rather than completing his Engineering.

Past is gone and now the world recognizes him as an actor who portrayed MS. Dhoni on the silver screen and created fans for life.

Then we again come to that same point that if Science was the ultimate way to success, why these crazy people opted out of it and gained popularity like never before? The answer is a fact that we all are born without unique skills which make us different from others. It depends on us to introspect, explore our identity and realize well in time, what we are best at?

How you should actually choose your stream in 12?

  • Take a career assessment test: The career counsellors these days test you on many parameters and let you know what are you best at. Your personality reveals what profession will suit you best
  • Never give in to peer pressure: Do not listen to your friends or family before opting for your stream. It should be your decision to choose the field of your career. Ask yourself, what you want to do in life?
  • Know your Uniqueness: As pointed before, we are all known for something. Some are known to be best at dance, singing, writing or studies. Whatever your skills are, nurture them. Never ignore your natural talents.

Always remember the key phrase of 3 Idiots, “Kaabil Bano, Kamyaabi Jhak Marr ke tumhare peeche aayegi. Your focus should never be to see what others think of you, rather just think what you are best at and make it your expertise. We hope, students by now have gained clarity that your career is your decision. Like these above-mentioned people, sharpen your talents and rule the world. No stream be it Science/Arts/Commerce is powerful enough to transform your future. Only your hard work, consistent efforts and determination will carve your path to success.