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A learned professional and Program Director of PGIED, Mr. Rahul Goel shares his industry acumen

Last Modified : December 26, 2017

Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Rahul Goel, the Program Director of Pragati Guru Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

Rahul Goel works as a consultant for business development for many National and International Companies. Over the period of time, his model has helped many companies to expand their market base in India. He has been a Mentor for many startups who are now making good profits. His experience in terms of exposure is vaster than what it appears in number of years, as he has delivered training programs in several colleges, universities, and organizations throughout the country in multi-cultural settings. He provides a perfect combination of skills, energy, experience, expertise and Knowledge which makes him the most accepted trainer among the trainees. Passionate about training and development he has traveled in more than 20 states of the country. His hobby of book reading and Travelling, has equipped him with good knowledge to support his profession across the cultural and occupational background of the trainees.

Right from the beginning of his career, his sole aim has been to bring a change in the society by improving the Soft Skills of Intellectual people (through training and Education) to achieve a complete success.

Mr. Rahul Goel’s experience in the education industry

I have been into education industry for last 11 years. Teaching and training has always been a passion for me. For me educating others is the best way to keep yourself, well appraised of the modern world. It also gives you an opportunity to give best meaning to your education. Teaching others gives you real experience of life and educates you further each single day. This is what makes it the best industry to work for.

Mr. Rahul Goel’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

My thinking is that a leader is the first among the equals. He shall be the source of inspiration who not only works as a compass for the team to show them the correct direction, but he may have to assume any role in the organisation. He must act as the lubricant of the engine, ensuring minimum friction and maximum coordination. He may have to assume any role to ensure smooth functioning and zero breakdown at the time of unavailability of any team member. He shall be supportive to the team members and must ensure their development in all spheres. At the same time, it is the duty of the leader to ensure that the team is competent enough and there is no negativity in the team.

Significant challenges faced as the Program Director of Pragati Guru Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

We have started our journey with a new futuristic concept. Though everyone talks about the change but when offered it is seldom accepted. Same is what we are facing.

Pragati Guru Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

Goals in mind for Pragati Guru Institute of Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Entrepreneurship Development for the next few years

Our vision is to become India’s No.1 institute for Entrepreneurship development.  We aspire to be the synonymous of quality education which shall be free from (but not devoid of) the books and lectures. We are in the process of developing a system where a unique course module is designed for every individual based on his/her requirements and life goals. This module will not be depended on books but on practical assignments to be completed under guidance and supervision.

Suggestions for the current youth and budding entrepreneurs

Have courage to deny the limitations of beliefs and norms, follow your inner voice. That’s the most honest thing existing in this universe.