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The underlying mission of NIT Delhi is to promote the development of individuals who seek world class technical and professional competence in their respective fields along with projecting co-curricular talent in the field of arts and literature. Nurturing, enhancing and projecting talent and uniqueness of youthful minds of the country has always been a prime goal and asset of ours and it has developed as a premier institution for manifesting futuristic opportunities and requirements. 


Conveying the sole motivation of art, cultural and literature, all at the same time and their cumulative importance in the developing scenario of the nation, these Clubs of NIT Delhi together hold their annual fest, Saptrang 2018, which has succeeded in bringing the talented souls of the country from IITs, NITs and colleges in and around Delhi to relive the fun and frolic days of the Great Indian Carnival. It would be held on 18th, 19th and 20th of January, 2018.

Saptrang will play host to several corporate giants, electronic and print media icons like Aptron, 9x, Pepsi, Knowafest, Festinfi, Festpav, Du Beat, LIC, SBI, Career Launcher, DCOP, Safe Express, Hungerista, College Duniya, 13indya, and several others. The marketing team of Saptrang continues to find novel ways to ensure enormous brand visibility for the sponsors, and give them unique platforms to connect with the very best youth of the nation.

It is due to this persistent dedication to the different creative arts that Saptrang has evolved into the most sought-after platform for immensely talented individuals, to present their exceptional artistry. With over 3,000 footfalls, this fest has come to be a tremendously coveted celebration by students from all over India.

For all the people with the flair for acting, for all the people who aren’t afraid to flaunt their mad dancing skills and for all the people with a nightingale’s voice, Saptrang is the perfect platform. Come along the creative artists to add colours and photographers to capture the moments. This doesn’t leave behind the young Shakespeare, the enthusiastic debaters, the talented poets and knowledgeable quizzers, for everything is set for them as well.

What sets Saptrang apart from any other festival is its avant-garde approach to conventional performing arts and literature. With its vast array of enthralling and challenging events in a myriad of fields, such as Fashion, Theatre, Literature, Music, Art, and Dance, Saptrang aspires to be a multifaceted, splendid celebration of talents, offering unprecedented opportunities to participants. Every event has been carefully crafted to challenge the participants and ensnare the audience.

So, be prepared for true amazement and excitement at Saptrang 2018.