10 Things Students Should Know About Delhi

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Delhi is one city that has it all, perhaps the only city in India which has preserved its historic roots despite having evolved as a commercial metropolitan. It has a colorful and vast population and you’re definite to come across many humble and well-spoken people as Dilli is the city of Dil-Wale. While you live here you will meet interesting people, visit some really amazing places and every day will bring with itself new adventures.

The city also hosts some of the most amazing sports clubs, bars and festivals and as a student, you’re sure to create memories to be cherished for a lifetime in this city. Here are top 10 things to not miss when it Delhi.

  1. The Endless, Incredible and Ancient Monuments

This is perhaps the most interesting thing about the city that the most ancient and important buildings are just a part of everyday life here. Some of these beautiful, definite to leave you awestruck while some are falling down, yet you could look at them tall walls in wonder, for hours. Others serve as home to itinerant labourers. Such medieval ruins are all over the city and not only in recognized “sites.” You get the joy of discovery, without the infernal guards or ticket takers.

  1. Amazing Shopping Experiences

Delhi has the best markets in India, with handicrafts from all over the country. For the shopaholics who do not want a hole in their pockets, there are variety of markets to shop at, including Dilli Haat, Janpath, Tibetan Market and Sarojini Nagar. These markets have something for everyone if one just has an eye for things and great bargaining skills.

  1. It’s a Perfect Locale for an Afternoon of Quiet Reading

The city offers a comforting, calm environment to those seeking academic redemption, or an escape from the fast-moving city life to spend some time with that book you’ve always wanted to read. Students can visit the Hauz Khas Fort, the Deer Park or Agrasen ki Baoli and sit there, all day long, listening to music or living the favourite story of the favourite book. You might just find some of the most amazing artists, photographers and singers there to inspire you.

  1. To Experience the Pub Crawl, Visit Hauz Khas or HKV

Get your buzz on at these amazing pubs of Hauz Khas village as the weekend comes closer. The place offers the most amazing ambience and some bars with ridiculously low prices on rum and vodka. There are dozens of cafes, bakeries and boutiques in this ancient village, facilitating the best food and drinks. From the open-air terrace of the Ultra-boho Gunpowder, which apparently serves the city’s best Kerala curries, enjoy as you look down on the medieval lake.

  1. Convenience of Economical Transport

The auto rickshaws here combine the convenience of affordable transportation with the pleasures of roller coaster and the catharsis of a rough, wrist fight. It is also the easiest way to get around the city, all in time. However, these is a possibility of finding yourself spending 20 minutes haggling over $0.25, if you lose perspective. Also, there is no better equalizer than public transport as we know and the Delhi Metro works wonders in that context.

  1. A Marketplace for Book lovers

The market is only open on Sundays and those who make it there at 9 am explore the best of it because of post that, there’s multitudes of crowd that throngs in the market and well, then you’d have to focus more of avoiding any incidents than shopping for books. The market is at least 1 km long, with thousands of books, magazines, journals and stationery, always available at sale. The books are even available at INR 100/Kg and if you get lucky, you might even find first and second editions at affordable prices.

  1. Chandni Chowk: The Dystopian Paradise

Chandni Chowk is Delhi’s teeming wholesale market, facilitating everything from glass bangles to bulk spices and lots of street food. Our personal favourite includes deep-fried dough at the most famous Jallebiwalah and fried crisps and potatoes topped with yogurt at Natraj Dahi Balle Wallah. Then you can wander through the winding lanes to the wedding market or just enjoy the view of the entire city, somewhere from the top. There are also certain beautiful, vintage cafes to enjoy the best city-food or kebabs.

  1. The Most Cozy Book Cafes

For bibliophiles everywhere, the joy and delight that comes from the written word remains unbeaten. Bars are for social people, whereas book cafes are for the introverts. Longer opening hours as compared to other outlets, there are some most fabulous book cafes in Delhi such as café RED which stands for Read, Eat and Drink, away from the hustle-bustle of the outer world. Others include Ivy and Bean, Crackpot Café, Cha Bar and Serendipity. Such places are sure to inspire dreams with interiors carrying homely feeling, comfortably furnished and beautifully decorated with lovely photographs. Nothing better than a good book, coffee, piece of cake and a place to be!

  1. The Rich Diversity of Cuisines

The city is depleting with culinary delights. Every Dill-wala knows that the city stands out for its rich history and the mouth-watering food and offers a rich diversity of cuisines. It is not just the capital of India, but also the street food capital and presents an unmatched variety of food items that could make a healthy morning breakfast, a meal for hungry college students or a late-night snack and just so you know, The Kebabs Are Everywhere!!!

  1. The Most Amazing, Full-Filled Fests

Various on and off campus colleges organize their annual fests, the most happening events to be at for an amazing, fun-filled eve of your life. A mind-boggling number of students organize and participate in these fests, putting in their best efforts to ensure you have an amazing time. It also provides a networking platform to collegians. You also get to witness various start performances, an experience to be cherished for a lifetime.