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13 Struggles Only Hostelers Will Relate To

Last Modified : May 21, 2018

Students who have lived in hostels know that those few years were the most fun you’ve had in your life. It is in these years where you truly grow up and out of your cocooned existence at home, and realize what it’s like to live on your own terms. Well, for the most part.

So if you live in a hostel or have ever lived in one, a part of you will relate to the following list:

1. Having a separate group of ‘hostel friends’.










You meet different types of people from all around the country, who sometimes, end up being you’re closest pals.

2. Getting inducted in the ‘hall of fame’ of sleeping late.

For many of you, this is the start of your long and tedious sleep-deprived lifestyle. Congratulations!

3. Being late to morning classes despite literally living inside the campus.

Sleeping late means waking up late, tired and groggy and having to run to class, while avoiding your professors’ glares since they know you are a hostelite!

4.  Struggle for washroom is real.

And when you finally do get a chance to use it, rest assured, your cubicle will run out of water.

5.  You’ve accepted the lifestyle of “alternate day baths”.

Because who has the time for fundamentals of hygiene? Especially, when you have to pray to the gods of water every time you shampoo!

6. Struggle for the remote in the common room.

But for some events there is a rare consensus, such as Game of Thrones or Cricket/Football matches.

7. Getting creative with your room.

Be it painting on your wall or hanging posters, photos or collages, you finally create your own space. Even though you rarely remain in your own room.

8. Birthdays leave you dirt broke because you have to treat the entire floor.

9. Sneaking in booze and sutta by bribing your hostel guard.

10.  Being treated to the same ‘delicious’ mess food every day.

Which usually involves different protein and vegetable variants in the same gunk, they call curry.

11.   Missing home when you’re at the hostel, but missing hostel when you return home!

Because, you’ve grown accustomed to living fairly independently by now.

12.  Gorging on pickles, jams, chutney, sweets and other ghar ka khana when friends return from home.

13.  The beginning of your addiction to Maggi.

You have tried and tested every variant of Maggi, and you have some of the best Maggi recipes up your sleeve. So what if you are incapable of cooking one complete meal to save your life? There is always Maggi!