Placio is Providing Absolute Safe and Comfortable Housing for Female Students at DU Campus

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The dreaded annual rush for student accommodation has kicked off once again drawing more than 10 Million (1 Crore) Lac UG & PG pan-India education seekers. What follows is the scramble for accommodations, given the limited number of seats in college hostels. Keeping in tune with the times, Placio - Student Housing start-up is bringing safety & comfort to the female students & has launched accommodation for 1500 outstation students around Delhi University North & South campus. The brand is rewriting ‘housing’ with a new kind of student living experience specially tailored to female students in mind, simultaneously raising people’s expectations about service, quality and communication.

According to Rohit Pateria & Ankush Arora, Founders of Placio, "Safety & accommodation are main concerns for the outstation students. This year, over 43% of the applicants who have applied at DU campus are experiencing safety features at every Placio property.”

 Rohit Pateria & Ankush Arora, Founders of Placio

Placio has already planned a step ahead & has tied-up with 24x7 online & on ground rescue response company, where all unforeseen situations have been envisaged and safely planned around it to provide safe, secure and comfortable homes. Placio provides a verified place, with necessary security arrangements along with all modern amenities providing a safe and supportive community of students - all from a different mix of backgrounds and with varying interests thereby, creating a unique and exceptional experience - the key ingredient which builds Placio’s vibrant community.

Placio provides security features, on-site assistance, remote support and emergency procedures. Security is built into the design of all its accommodation, including CCTV and secure access to buildings, flats and rooms. In addition, it provides on-road assistance presence of Student security at the buildings; Resident assistants and professional staff on call 24/7, Health and safety checks in all rooms and security guards patrol the campus.