“Never stop learning because there is always some scope for improvement”, asserts Mr. Praveen Daga

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Interview by Yash Panchal

Praveen Daga


Praveen Daga is the Associate Director Sales for IIBA India. He a management professional with more than 12+ years of experience in IT and Education industry. He is a technology and marketing enthusiast and has designed and implemented business strategies for quality products and services at the enterprise level. He’s passionate about every aspect of education.

Mr. Daga’s fulfilling education sector experience

It has been a great and fulfilling journey. I have played various roles with my stint in the education industry. Be it a managerial role, counselling or training, every role was satisfying because at the end you are helping someone achieving their goals and you get an opportunity to make a difference in their life. This impacts your way of thinking as well and you also learn new things along the way.

A leadership style of building trust with the team

Trust, you need to build trust with your team If your team trusts you, they will go to lengths for achieving the goals you set

I listen to my team and value their inputs. I make sure that they feel an integral part of the business. If you respect your team and their abilities, there is no stopping. In return, you get respect and a motivated team which wants to achieve more.

IIBA certification and IIBA’s curriculum

IIBA® is a Canada based non-profit professional association which is dedicated to the field of business analysis. We have levels of certification which fulfill the growing demand of the global marketplace. We have a range of certifications such as CCBA®, CBAP®, and ECBA™. Out of these, ECBA™ is the one which is perfect for Management and Engineering freshers.

Our course curriculum is best across the globe. This enhanced, multi-level, competency-based certification program recognizes the BA professional's knowledge and skills support their lifelong BA career progression.

Changes noticed in the education industry over the years

The education industry has evolved with the time and technology has played a very crucial role in this. Technology has changed the way we teach now, and this has also opened the way for students for better-personalized learning. We have moved on from textbook teaching to experiential learning. Gamification and Augmented Reality are the new keywords and in the times to come, these technologies will change the face of education.

Skills that an aspiring manager must possess today and how IIBA’s certification can help

Digital is the future of business. Digital is not just a technology ‘thing’, but is an approach which starts with a customer focus. Those who understand this are going to be relevant and the rest will find it tough to survive. This is where the role of a business analyst will be more crucial than ever. Application of an effective business analysis mindset and best practices in the digital world is ensuring the success for businesses to adopt the digital wave. For a business analyst to be a successful, he/she needs to have business acumen, industry knowledge, organizational knowledge, solution knowledge and methodology knowledge.

Goals to achieve in the coming years

We want Business Analysis to be an integral part of the academic curriculum for all the Management and Engineering colleges we want to create a win-win relationship by providing a multi-level flexible framework that provides better job prospects for students

Over the next 5 years, we want to build a healthy Eco-system that not only provides quality education but also build a robust Industry-Academia relationship.

Advice for the youngsters

Always be a student. Never stop learning, because there is always scope for improvement so keep working hard. Focus more on skills than knowledge. Self-belief is very important, no matter what others say, you be committed to your goal and move towards that. The industry is changing very fast, so be flexible and keep reinventing yourself.