Why Join Collegedunia.com as Freelance Content Writer?

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Collegedunia.com is the leading search engine portal for millions of students in the country, assisting them in making the most important decision of their career. Collegedunia is currently in search of young dynamic wordsmiths who can join our content team as Freelance Writers.

With more than 25,000 colleges and 11,000 courses, collegedunia is among the largest education portals in the world. As one of the largest portals with an average daily user base of 5 lakh visitors, creation of new content within frequent intervals is extremely important. Collegedunia.com publishes content on but not limited to following topics:

  1. College Overviews

  2. Courses

  3. Entrance Exams

  4. News Articles

  5. Press Release

  6. Interviews

  7. White Papers/ Case Studies

As part of the Collegedunia content team, you’ll be:

  • Working with one of the most eminent online brands in the country and a young dynamic team working tirelessly to deliver content of the highest order to our users.

  • Gaining an invaluable expertise in the education niche within a short span of time.

Hiring Process for Freelance Content Writers

We’ve deliberately kept the hiring process for freelance writers quite streamlined.

  • You’ll fill-in your contact details in the form and and take the assessment.

  • The editorial team will assess your performance and revert back to you at the earliest possible.

  • Once selected, the HR department will complete the requisite onboarding process including offer letter and other documentation.

  • Well, that’s it! You are now part of the Collegedunia Family and you’ll shortly receive your first writing assignment.


  • The compensation is at par with current standards in the industry.

  • Payout for an article depends on the project requirements - word limit, niche, quality required.

  • Payments are made after completion of a cycle (usually a month) and the amount is directly credited to your bank accounts via NEFT.

Transition into Collegedunia Content Team

When you are working on a large project, it is crucial that all the individual players are working together and are on the same page, be it in-house staff or remotely located members.

  • The editorial team ensures that you receive proper mentorship and guidance particularly with context to our in-house style guide and content objective.

  • Early on one is bound to come across a lot of hurdles and doubts. Our editors and freelance manager are just a call or mail away.

  • You will be working with the latest technologies and trends in the web publishing platform. Real time feedbacks and assistance will ensure that the entire team stays connected and overall team pace is maintained.

  • All the freelance writers are required to work on the Freelancer Module. The module allows editors, freelance managers and writers themselves to manage their tasks on the same platform..

  • With the module, you won’t get messed up while juggling between various sheets, docs and mails, and allows everyone to keep a track of all the tasks.

Objective for Collegedunia Content Team

Our content stands out from rest of the portals because of the sheer research and updation process that goes behind it. We strive to ensure that no individual aspect of the information is left untouched and even the most complex details are presented in an easy to understand language to the end user.

Since our users come from varying academic and social backgrounds, the challenge as content curators and developers is to ensure that the content remains free from any bias and is easily comprehensible by an average user.

Here are few maxims we follow in content creation process:

  1. Consistency - Content outline, language and structure must be consistent throughout our website to ensure that our brand itself is reflected through the content and a holistic user experience is proved to site visitors.

  2. Accuracy - Accuracy of all the information mentioned on website is of paramount importance. Details should be thoroughly verified and data sources must be clearly cited before including them.

  3. Personalization - Personalization is what differentiates us from other online data aggregators. Creating tailor made content based on specific user requirements and their behavior analysis sets us apart from others in the education domain..

The only thing left to say now is, “Welcome to Collegedunia Family and let’s start churning out some awesome content”.