E-learning emerging as the solution to relocating to coaching hubs

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India is on the path for becoming a land of opportunity. Quality education is one of the pillars that support its growth. Clubbed with equality of opportunity, there are several competitive examinations at various levels. In order to conquer such exams, students travel great distances to pursue coachings.

At the school level, to become an engineer or a doctor from top colleges, one has to appear for JEE Main & Advanced and NEET respectively. Moving further, we have UPSC and several other states PCS to get a government job.

The exams mentioned above are the most stringent examinations in the country. Preparation for these examinations gives business to coaching which helps the students prepare better for the examinations. Some of the well-known coaching hubs for these examinations are:

  • Kota for JEE and NEET,
  • Old Rajinder, Delhi for UPSC,
  • Mukherjee Nagar for UPSC,
  • Kalu Sarai, Delhi for JEE.

Wondering why these areas are points of attraction for aspirants? 

Listed below are the reasons these areas grab students interest:

  • Best teachers with years of experience in the exam preparation.
  • You are surrounded by peers who are preparing for the same examination.
  • Vast options for coaching centers to choose from.
  • Easy availability of academic resources.

Such facilities attract students to these coaching hubs from every part of the country. However, there are two sides to every coin. The reasons why coaching hubs are losing their essence are,

  • Overpopulated residential areas and classes.
  • The teacher-student ratio is not appropriate.
  • Being away from home and living under stress might not be very healthy for a student’s mental being.
  • Travelling and Living expenses add up to the exorbitant fees of coaching centers.

Despite these hardships, coaching hubs produce top IAS Officers, doctors and engineers year after year.

Internet education is the future 

Internet education offers the perfect solution to quality education and lets the aspirant prepare from their own homes from the best coachings possible. Various platforms offer services pertaining to education.

Online preparation discounts the negatives of coaching hubs and let you enjoy the positives with additional support and comfort of your home. An aspirant needs a wholesome environment to ace the exam he is preparing for. Internet Education does that for them.

There are various platforms and services which provide preparation for various exams. One such platform is NeoStencil. It was born on the ideology that students need not relocate, and get access to quality education right where they are. We are the leading online platform to provide LIVE Classes for IAS, IES, GATE, and other government exams. After successfully catering the needs of thousands of students, we intend to serve the younger generation and have already started JEE and NEET courses from Top Coaching Institute of Kota.

NeoStencil provides LIVE classes directly to your home providing equivalent coaching hub experience without the travelling and living cost. We do not rely on presentations, animation videos or recorded classes. The teacher teaches live on your devices.

NeoStencil Vision - To make quality education available, accessible, and affordable across the country.