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What Does Humanities Has in Store for Its Students?

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
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What Does Humanities Has in Store for Its Students?

Gone are those days when Humanities had a limited scope of career opportunities after the completion of 12th class. While most people were crazy for engineering and doctorate degrees in the previous decades, preference for Humanities has surged in the recent past. Even the courses have advanced a lot, entailing a plethora of scope and skill enhancement opportunities.

Humanities courses reflect our society’s culture, language, history, and economy. They foster social values like justice, equality and liberty, and encourage you to inculcate spiritual sense towards the understanding of society. Humanities courses furnish you with a wide range of subjects and excellent job opportunities. If you have an intriguing mind, then this field is perfect for you.

We have laid down some theoretical subjects under the Humanities course and what all they have in store for your career.

1. English


English is a global ‘must-know’ language that demands clarity, self-expression, fluency, cohesion and apt pronunciation. The language deals with topics like classic poetry, modern poetry, fictional and non-fictional stories, and most importantly literature. The course curriculum enriches your reading, writing and speaking skills.

All business firms conduct their cross-border communications in English only. If you dream to work as a white-collar worker, knowing this language will be a golden egg for you. Learning English can tell you about a lot of social entertainment and cultural understanding. It widens your perspective and makes you well-versed. 

You can pursue diploma, graduation and post-graduation courses in the English language and can work as:-

  • University Professor

  • Columnist

  • Journalist

  • Writer

  • Instructional Designer

  • Linguistics Expert

  • Scriptwriter

  • Copywriter

2. Sociology


Sociology is one of the most intriguing social science that studies the history and culture of both humans and society on both the micro and macro levels. Sociology forges a link between our diverse communities and groups. It reflects the interconnection of these diverse groups and communities and how their social structure works, despite the conflicts existing within.

Marking its presence almost everywhere, Sociology also deals with various isms like Marxism, Weberianism, etc.

At micro-level, Sociology includes:-

  • Sociology of Gender- It deals with the gender inequalities prevailing at both the domestic level and the workplace.

  • Educational Sociology- It deals with how education impacts people’s perception of society and culture. 

  • Sociology of India- It deals with historical movements like Nationalism, Communalism, and Socialism.

  • Sociology of Religion- It highlights the customs and taboos one has to follow by being part of a particular religion.

  • Kinship Sociology- It deals basically with the kinship and marriage system of many tribes and communities.

After acquiring all the required qualifications, you can work as:-

  • University Professor or School Teacher

  • Field-Researcher

  • Social Worker

  • Paper Writer

  • PR Executive

  • Data Analyst

3. Psychology


The human mind is the most complex thing in our body. Luckily, Psychology comprehends it from every angle through scientific methods and principals. Applicable in daily life, this science has significantly grown over the years and has gained immense popularity.

Through Psychology, one can understand not only one’s own perspectives and actions, but also those of others by developing an introspective approach. Psychology deals with human emotional thoughts, actions, and feelings stretching from child development to the care of the aged.

There are several sub-subjects like Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Organizational Psychology.

After your graduation and post-graduation in this field, you can work as:-

  •  Psychologist

  •  Psychiatrist

  •  Health Coach

  • Market Researcher

  • High-intensity Therapist

  • Counsellor

  • Sport and Exercise Psychologist

  • Forensic Psychologists

4. Political Science

political science

Political Science will help you gain knowledge about the state’s origin, nature, history, culture, function and other affairs. You will read about the political structure, administrators and local bodies of both India and the World.

This field widens one’s intellectual and perceptive horizon and inculcates patriotism towards the nation. It also teaches us to be tolerant and cooperative with other fellow human beings for the betterment of society. It portrays that good citizenship is always based on liberty, fraternity and equality.

There are several sub-subjects like political theory, public administration, comparative politics, international relations, and public law offered at the graduate and post-graduate levels.

You can work after the completion of your degrees as:-

  •  Lawyer

  •  Political Activist

  • University Professor

  • Political Scientist

  • Social Worker

  • Journalists

  • Newspaper Editor

5. Mass Communication and Journalism

mass communication and journalism

Media plays a pivotal role in our life by keeping us updated about the trending news happening around the world. People working in the media world are not only dedicated to work but also have an expression of creativity and innovation.

In this field, you will not solely widen your intellectual horizon, but also build some extensive social networks.

Students can find fascinating jobs in fields like Newspapers, Journals, Advertising Firms, Radio, Production Houses, Publication Houses, Television, etc.

  • You can be a journalist and can create research-based social content for any media or advertising firm.

  • You can also work as a news editor in the local, national or international based newspaper.

  • You can be an art director and screenwriter.

  • Photojournalist 

  • Radio Jockey and Video Jockey

  • News Analysts

  • Illustrator

6. Fashion Designing

fashion designing

Unlike the antiquated times, clothing is not solely manufactured for comfort, modesty or to conceal your naked body. It has become a style and an artistic statement of your own. Modern clothing is both functional as well as aesthetically appealing, influenced by people’s social and cultural attitudes. 

Whether it’s a minor social meet or big fat wedding, people are crazy about ‘designer wear’. A Fashion Designer employs many factors while designing the item or any lifestyle accessory that can be sold in the market effortlessly. He/She must be well-versed regarding the texture, fabrics, colours and buyer’s suitability needs.

Fashion Designing is one of the most creative, glamorous, and lucrative career options. To pursue this, you are required to have your own portfolios, designer sketches, and most importantly, an enthusiastic and dedicated approach.

You can pursue such courses at many renowned institutes and colleges. 

  • You can be a fashion designer making your fashion statement through your designed clothes.

  • You can be a model pulling off designed attires in the fashion shows.

  • Be a fashion event manager and have the opportunity to meet popular people in the same field.

  • You can start your own boutique and design clothes for various occasions.

  • You can also own top-notch garment and textile production houses.

Some of the other vocational courses under Humanities stream are:-

  • Foreign Languages
  • Music ourses
  • Hotel Management and Tourism
  • Theatre

Humanities offer you a variety of disciplines that not only widen your intellect but also enhance your innate skills and talents. It teaches you how to deal with logical, complex data and subjective data. So choose now and learn more by exploring Humanities.