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Overcoming all the challenges, Mr. Bansal glorious journey to success of Bansal Classes

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Overcoming all the challenges, Mr. Bansal glorious journey to success of Bansal Classes

Interview by Kritika Gupta

Mr. V.K. Bansal is the founder of Bansal Classes Pvt Ltd, Kota. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University and has worked with JK Synthetics for many years. Even though he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, he never stopped working. He started tutoring an 8th class student in 1981, and now has well-established coaching institutes in 25 cities dedicated to JEE entrance exam. 

The rise and creation of Bansal classes 

Initially, it was not a choice but a necessity for me to get into the education sector. Having completed my graduation, I started my career by working as an engineer in JK Synthetics, Kota. But, then my life took a U-turn after I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, which limited my physical movement. 

Becoming a tutor was the best decision of my life. I started teaching an 8th standard boy who had a poor academic record, and within 3 months, he passed all the subjects with flying colours. Subsequently, in the fourth month, I started teaching a 9th standard student and eventually, in the subsequent years, the word of mouth spread of a non-teacher teacher, teaching in JK Township. 

It was in the year 1990 that I had the opportunity to teach the best of the students I have had in my lifetime, and almost all of them ended up cracking IIT JEE. Hence, in 1991, I ended up founding Bansal Classes to help bright students fulfil their dream of studying in IITs. Ever since the inception of Bansal Classes, so many other coaching Institutes opened up here, the problem of un-employability has also reduced drastically, for both men and women. 

Values and uniqueness of Bansal Classes 

The very foundation of Bansal Classes, from the very beginning, has stuck to its fundament of simply teaching and assisting the students. For me, the focus was not to earn money; hence, even after 3 decades, I do not have any business acumen since I have never thought from that perspective. If that were the case, Bansal Classes would not have still been where it is today. 

Seeing our success, many others opened up coaching institutes with the thought of earning money from the students. They initially take up the money from the students in many ways like for filling up the forms, to appear for the exam and then reject many students. But, in here, the whole point behind accepting students and rejecting others is not to end up putting them under any stress; hence we conduct entrance tests for all. 

Our percentage of selection - for every 15,000 students who give entrance exam, only 5000 of those are accepted.

Moreover, majority of the founders of various other coaching Institutes in the market today, have been teachers of Bansal Classes. That is also one reason why, all the students want to study here, since all the expert teachers have gained their expertise from Bansal Classes. 

Mr. Bansal’s views on digital India

In my life, technology has played a major role, right from the utilisation of my automated wheelchair to the use of projectors for conducting classes in the late 1990s. And, now there are all sorts of teaching methods available in the market like use of smartboards, computers, various study apps and many more.

Comments on expanding Bansal Classes’, presence in PAN India

Many people suggested us long back, to expand Bansal Classes and open up new centres in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. With this, they wanted me to teach the teachers here and send them across India to other centres. However, since most of the students wants to study here, specifically from V.K. Bansal, the idea of opening up new centres was not thought of, since it would result in degradation of the quality of teaching, which is the primary foundation of Bansal Classes. 

Moreover, Bansal Classes truly believes in word of mouth which has resulted in our steady growth over the years. It was only after 2012, we started our expansion, especially now that the competition is very extensive. 

Message for the millennials 

Patience and honesty are the two most important factors for anyone’s success, be it a student or a teacher/ professor. For students, it is their hard work which would define the success they would be able to attain the coming future.