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7 Hacks to Create Effective Resume to Fetch Your Dream Job

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
Content Curator

7 Hacks to Create Effective Resume to Fetch Your Dream Job

Did you know that most of the employers just skim through your resume during the interview? Furthermore, if your resume happens to be too boring, chances are that they will skip it entirely. Defining what you are, your resume should grab the employer’s interest within seconds to fetch you that dream job.

Our resume works as a personal promotional write-up. Piling them up and updating them constantly can be as dull as dishwater and a tedious task. Yet, we all need to pour our heart into this flimsy paper.

Fortunately, you just need to employ some hacks to make your resume professional. Get ready to learn as we bring some of these creative tricks to you.

1. Creative Resume Matters


How creative your resume looks matters a lot. There are numerous templates available online. Choose any template which appears good to you. Otherwise, you can also design your own template.

2. Creative Headline or Profile


Your profile should always be catchy and unique enough to grab the reader’s attention. Get rid of non-essential information. If you have worked in a lot of companies, mention only those which matter the most.

Never miss out on your essential volunteering experiences and internships as they authenticate you. Also, keep adding new skills to strengthen your resume. The more skills you acquire, the more opportunities you’ll seize.

3. Organized Resume is the Key

organized resume

No one likes a cluttered mess in your resume, especially the recruiters. Keep an organized resume by customizing your skills and experiences according to the company’s requirements. Apply enough spreading margins. It is highly suggested that you employ readable fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri. The font size should be preferably 12. 

Remove irrelevant data which is not needed for the profile you are applying for. Don’t make grammatical mistakes and follow a particular order. The resume can be in either chronological or functional order as per your preference to enhance creativity.

4. Keep Your Resume Brief

brief resume

You don’t have to write an urban fantasy novel. Keep your resume apt, precise. Your resume should entail the relevant skills and interests you are passionate about. Avoid repetitive information as it disrupts the readability and lessens the recruiter’s interest.

5. Use Active Phrases


Your resume should include active words instead of passive words. Active words furnish your resume strength, command, and give it a direction. E.g. Rather than “a working weather app was developed by me”, you can write “developed a working weather app”.

6. Use Quantitative Facts and Figures

facts and figures

Employers get impressed by numbers. Use numbers, INR amount, and percentage figures to explain your skills and jobs. You can also include the number of projects you have done in a certain period of time. Write in numerical form like 30% instead of thirty percent.

7. Ask for a Second Opinion

second opinion

We all wind up making petty grammatical errors and typos even after expending hours working on wise and professional words. A second person can reveal some points that you might have overlooked to show your true skills and achievements.

So what are you waiting for? Implement these quick and easy-to-do tips to build up a professional intriguing Resume. This resume will help to echo your unconventional and artistic aspects to grab your dream job like a pro!!