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10 Tips to Study the Smart Way

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
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10 Tips to Study the Smart Way

Do you also find yourself in situations where you study a lot but couldn’t secure good grades? If the answer is yes, seems you need to step up your game. Studying is an inevitable part of a student’s life, however, it has its own tips and tricks. Merely hitting the books throughout the day or reading the same thing, again and again, isn’t going to help you out.

With some simple tricks like jotting down the stuff and doing revisions at an accurate time, you can slay your exams. You might have heard some of these tips before and believe us, they are really helpful. Studying your notes or textbooks isn’t about just mugging up and then cramming everything you remember in the answer sheets.

Proper understanding of the text is the key to success, and that can be done smartly and in an easy way. So, learn some of these easy-peasy tricks, which will help you score better in the next exams.

1. Make Notes


When you write down something, you devote more of your time to it. Also, by making notes, you pay attention to the minute details which your brain might skip while reading in a flow.

2. Don’t Stick to Just 1 Subject

multiple subjects

Continuing with the same subject can stagnate your mind. Moreover, the overload of information can bewilder you. So, it’s better to study multiple subjects in a day, bit-by-bit, every day.

3. Focus


Even when you are studying multiple subjects in a day, focus completely on that 1 subject you are studying at the moment. Reports suggest that multitaskers show less efficiency than other people. Shocking but true.

4. Explore Different Media


New innovative methods of studying are emerging every day and it’s time for you to pioneer them. From online videos to various learning apps, online education scope is growing day by day. It has also been found that different media stimulate different parts of the brain.

5. Go Innovative


When you are not able to learn something, howsoever hard you try, try making a connection. Think of innovative ways in which you can remember a particular data. Try playing with the abbreviations or design a song to link the huge chunk of data. Remember how used to mug up the columns in the Periodic Table?

6. Avoid Distractions


Whatsapp messages are one of the most common types of distractions. It’s a good practice to close your net while you study. An average person receives a distraction after every 8 minutes. 80% of those distractions are of “no value” or “little value”, thus wasting 3 hours every day.

7. Don’t Forget to Revise


Re-studying helps you retain the information for a longer time. A good revision pattern is that you revise at least thrice with intervals of 1, 3 and 7 days.

8. Take Breaks


Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Take breaks when you are tired so that you can refresh your mind. You can even go for a walk in the woods and can talk to someone. Don’t take too long breaks as they can hinder your performance.

9. Grab the Front Benches


Sitting on front benches during your lectures does steal away your chit-chat time, but remember, the only mantra to success is WORK HARD! PLAY HARD!

10. Eat While You Read

eat and read

Food cheers up your mood every time, right? So keep something with you while you sit to study. Eating something while reading also boosts your memory.

Some of these tips are really easy while some might seem a bit difficult to adapt. Don’t worry, they will become a habit in a flash when you start inculcating them in your study routine.