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Mr. Vijay aims to make Motion a hub of quality education and academic excellence!

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Mr. Vijay aims to make Motion a hub of quality education and academic excellence!

Interview by Kritika Gupta

Mr. Nitin Vijay completed B.Tech from IIT (BHU) Varanasi. He is the Managing Director cum Sr. Faculty of Motion IIT JEE Institute. Till date, Mr. Vijay is acknowledged as the Physics champion by his faculty and has vast teaching experience of 15 years. He has transformed the lives of several struggling aspirants into IITians during this period. His passion for teaching knows no bounds!
In an exclusive interview with collegedunia.com, Mr. Vijay shares his views on the education sector in India and his vision for Motion IIT Kota. 

Views on digitalisation in the education sector 

A decade before, no one would have imagined the role technology would play into education.

Look around now, AI, Machine learning and all the latest technological developments are being weaved into one another to create products of value, value seen never before, value that can be delivered instantly and to any level of our society. Change has been phenomenal and exponential, but again, the benefits accrued are yet to be shared equitably with all members of our society.

Ultimate vision and mission of Motion 

The vision is clear, to make the institution a hub of success by bringing in the latest technologies and tools and using the same to deliver the best quality education. We have grown 38 centers strong with 800+ of staff and 10,000+ enrolled students. With this, we have developed resources in-house to cater to the needs of faculties, various departments, and our students. 

Our MSL, also called Motion Solution Lab, is a state of the art lab that has been developed keeping the needs of students in mind. In this lab, one can self-learn with all the resources like video lectures, adaptive question practice platform, video solutions, and many more features. So, you can see the progress we have made in such a short period. Moreover, with this momentum, the vision does not look very far from being achieved.

Why choose Motion as the destination for quality learning!

We want the parents and students to know that Motion believes in one saying, ‘Humara Vishwas, Har Ek Vidyarthi Hai Khas’. This has been the guiding philosophy behind serving the student community.

For us, every child is special, and with proper attention and guidance, they can be propelled to the pinnacle of success. Each and every member of our institution is devoted to this philosophy and the same is reflected in our results in national level exams - JEE and NEET.

Uniqueness of curriculum and Faculty at Motion

Our curriculum is based on the pedagogy of - Learn, Revise, Examine and Analyze. When all the four aspects are catered to with sincerity, there is no stopping of success. We have a premium residential program called Drona, A Gurukul of Modern Age. Yoga, proper nutrition, timely classes, self-study, recreational activities, motivational seminars, 1-1 counselling, and all-around doubt support. 

All these elements together usher in a spirit of achiever in our students and make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. The above-explained is just the system, and our faculties are the soul of it. IIT’ans, Ph.D.’s, MBBS, MSC's, our faculties come with all the experience and expertise. In Motion, they are not just teachers but also act as guardian, mentor, counsellor, and leave no stone unturned in pushing students through the door of success.

Motion’s step towards taking education and learning to the next level

I already talked about MSL above and how it helps students for self-learning. Apart from this, we have started Live-Class services through Neo-stencil our technology partner, wherein students can witness the Kota experience ‘LIVE’ through their phones and computers at the convenience of their home. 

We are active on YouTube and Facebook with more than 50, 000 subscribers and 2 Lakh followers, respectively. We have our own e-commerce portal at www.edustore.motion.ac.in/ as well. These are a few measures that we have taken up to keep up our brand name high.

Challenges faced while setting up Motion

Challenges have been plenty, but at the same time, the spirit to break through them has always been high. To arrive where we stand today, one needs to build up a great team and work with them tirelessly without losing motivation to reach the desired level of success. The same cannot happen until all in the group share the organization's mission and vision. It was a challenge, but now we are way past that with 800+ staff across India.

Success Mantra for Students - 

Kaaka Chestha (learning spirit like a crow), Bako Dhyaanam (Meditate like a Stork), Svaan Nidra (Sleep like a Dog) Tathev Cha, Alpa Hari (Eat only a little food), Grah Tyagi(Leaving home) Vidhyarthi Panch Lakshnam

The above mantra describes the five ways to conduct one’s student life properly. The learning process has no end, and it's crucial to always stay a student in the pursuit of knowledge. The more conduct of the above mantra is proper, the wiser and intellectual the individual becomes.