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How to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level?

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
Content Curator

How to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level?

We all devote so much time in curating our resumes and taking care of other factors crucial for fetching us a job. Still, we all miss out a lot of things, our LinkedIn profile being one of them. In today’s professional era, LinkedIn profile plays a crucial role in getting someone a job. Most of the recruiters now rely on LinkedIn to find out prospective employees.

In such a situation, it becomes very important for you to put your LinkedIn profile to the best use. However, organizing your profile is a skill in itself. At times, even your best accomplishments like internships, memberships, technical courses, and volunteering experiences are not able to fetch you any benefit. Not just that, your profile doesn’t even rank in the searches.

So what to do? How to make yourself stand out among millions of users out there? Worry not. Just a few simple techniques and you can master the art of managing a LinkedIn profile.

1. Your Profile Picture

profile picture

The first thing a visitor notices is your profile picture. Not having a profile picture is clearly not an option. In this modern world packed with technologies, you can easily click numerous impressive pictures of high quality with vibrant backgrounds. Such pictures can make you look appealing and approachable.

2. Your Cover Photo

linkedin cover photo

Taking care of our profile picture, many of us forget about the big section of the cover photo. Our cover photo matters a lot and gives an impression of who we are. A candid picture of you working in a firm can reinforce your professional brand and accentuate your interest. 

The more visual our profile is, the better traffic it attracts. As per LinkedIn, profiles entailing photos receive 21 times more views and 9 times more connection requests than the ones without pictures.

3. Make a Detailed Profile


How we present ourselves on LinkedIn is paramount. Detailed and engaging information is preferred by search engines. Your LinkedIn profile should be self-explanatory as if you are personally explaining yourself to someone. Mention ‘Who You Are’, ‘What You Have Done’, and ‘What You Can Do’. Precise and clear information is the key to making a first good impression.

4. Optimize the Description


Nothing can describe you more perfectly than an awesome description. Make sure your description is written in a professional manner. Keep a felicitous description, focus on your expertise and add some additional skills to polish your image. Don’t miss out on including your contact details as well as the locations so that companies can contact you conveniently.

5. Write a Crisp Summary


LinkedIn gives you a word limit of 2,000 for writing the summary, but don’t go above 650 words. A stretched summary is indicative of irrelevant content.

Include only the most vital points to epitomize your achievements, interests, and skills which can catch the reader’s attention. You can even write about your desires for your future company.

6. Fabricate a Customized URL


Create your own SEO-friendly customized URL to make your LinkedIn account appear on top when anyone searches for your name online. You can also share your profile with others in a hassle-free way.

7. Showcase Your Work Wisely

work wisely

While adding skills to your profile, make sure you are incorporating the skills which you are proud of. These skills should also be relevant to the position you want in a job. Add relevant skills that show your interest in the field. For example, if you wish to become a content writer, you can add skills like Blogging and Impeccable Vocabulary as they will help you grow your career.

Also, completely fill all the sections including Education, Interests, and Expertise. 

8. Your Timeline Must Speak

timeline posts

One thing that captivates the employer’s attention is the updates you share on your timeline. Always upload professional and worthy posts. Following influential pages and people is also a way to get your profile noticed.

When utilized flawlessly, your LinkedIn profile can be a magic door that can open a multitude of opportunities for you. This site can help you establish your professional brand and develop the crucial networks valuable for your career.