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Time to Go Beyond Academics. Know What Else Helps.

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
Content Curator

Time to Go Beyond Academics. Know What Else Helps.

Striving hard to secure good grades has always been a backbreaking work for us, whether we pursue a full-time professional course or any vocational degree. Though academics always remain at the centre of attention, we shouldn’t forget the importance of co-curricular activities in our life.

Being an all-rounder matter a lot and is vital for a person’s success. While your academics provide you with theoretical knowledge, extracurricular activities give you opportunities to indulge in the wide spectrum of life. They sharpen your brain’s cognitive functions and help in overall personality development.

Fortunately, most of the colleges offer their students opportunities to participate in such activities. They help in boosting your knowledge enhancement, creativity, spiritual growth and confidence. So, if you are also interested in starting a new activity, have a read and found exciting activities, not limited to just singing and dancing.

1. Debating


Debating helps you improve your speaking skills, argumentative skills, and presentation skills. Debaters also have a good grasp of ideas. Participating in brainstorming sessions will also help you meet some of the most brilliant and logical people in the room. You can even mention your debating accomplishments in your resume.

2. Music


Playing musical instruments or listening to them helps develop the left part of your brain, boosting your logical reasoning and language. Music serves as a medicine for a tired mind, and a healthy mind is crucial for outstanding performance.

Music also revitalizes your creativity and expressiveness. It cheers you up by releasing negative thoughts lingering in your mind and creates a positive aura around you.

3. Sports


Various kinds of sports were probably the first thing which came to your mind when we mentioned co-curricular activities, right? Playing at least 1 sport is really important for your fitness and physique. Sports not only help us physically but also teach us team-spirit, patience, and discipline.

4. Theatre


Theatre inculcates in you many different skills including acting, writing, management, music and stage performance. Theatre gives ample opportunities to express yourself and get rid of stage fright.

Don’t eschew from participating in theatre societies as it can invigorate your creativity and thought process. There are many types of theatre societies based on street plays, romantic drama, poetic plays, etc.

5. Photography


Photography is becoming more popular day-by-day and the scope is increasing too. A photograph speaks a thousand words and remains with us forever. Exploring photography will give you an immense bliss.

From bloggers to top-brands, everyone requires photographs. So, you can even put your hobby to good use.

6. Art


Art helps you to speak out your mind freely by painting it. By painting canvases, you discharge all your thoughts and discover new realities. Art is an extensive field and also includes designing, sculpting, and interior designing. It also encourages your critical thinking.

7. Community Service

community service

Every helping hand counts. By dispensing social service, you will not only discover people’s life ordeals but also polish your communication skills. Community Service teaches you life lessons that will help you to overcome some life hurdles. Community Service can also teach you leadership, problem-solving, and time management.

8. The College Journal

college journal

Every college publishes its own magazine or newspaper to promote its achievements, activities, events, etc. If you love writing, start writing for such journals. This will improve your writing skills, vocabulary and also help you in academic.

These extra-curricular activities exhibit broad-spectrum advantages that help in your overall development. They stimulate sociological and psychological functions that are instrumental in helping you gain the qualities of a good scholar.