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Essential Things You Should Always Have When in College

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
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Essential Things You Should Always Have When in College

College life is not less than any roller coaster ride and you need to be always prepared for it. When we talk about being prepared, it’s not about just the assignments and your reports. There are plenty of other things you need to have at your disposal every time.

These particular small things appear to be useless but at times can save you from huge disasters. You know how much hustle is created when you don’t have just 1 Pendrive at the time of the final project submission. Relatable?

Many people will suggest you different sorts of things to buy before joining college like bedsheets, buckets and a lot more. However, these small pretty things listed below are what matters the most.

So go on and find out how much of this stuff is already present in your backpack and how much you need to buy right now.

1. Pen Drive

pen drive

As mentioned, Pendrive is an essential item to always have. You never know when your faculty asks you to bring in a report or your friend comes dashing in dire need of one.

2. Deodorant


To look good, you need to smell good. Having a deodorant handy can save you from a lot of embarrassing situations.

3. Flashlight


Though the days of power cut have almost disappeared, still, you don’t know when you might get caught by the darkness. So, always keep a flashlight to help you out. You cannot depend on your device’s light every time.

4. Extra Tee


Keeping an extra T-shirt might sound a bit demanding but it is really helpful. If somehow someone spills their drink on you, you will be having an escape route.

5. Power Bank

power bank

If you travel frequently, you know the value of a power bank. When your phone’s battery goes dead, your power bank is the only thing that keeps YOU alive.

6. Headphones


You should always keep your headphones with you and not just for listening to songs. Headphones with an in-built noise-cancelling feature can help you calm your mind when everyone else is screaming around.

7. A Pen and a Paper

pen and paper

The world will keep modernizing, but you should never forget the importance of pen and paper. This evergreen pair can be helpful in a situation when you need to explain a particular project idea to your supervisor.

8. Stationery


Well, this doesn’t mean that you need to keep an abundant stock of crayons, sharpeners, and scales. Helpful items like stapler and glue can be of use to you and prevent you from asking others, even though you would use them at rare moments.

9. Microwaveable Bowl

microwaveable bowl

Well, this is something which concerns hostellers more. Microwaveable bowls can help you heat food to put an end to your never-ending hunger.

10. Study Lamp

study lamp

On the rare nights when you plan to study, study lamps are useful, while your roommate plans to continue with sleep.

So make sure that you keep all these items in your bag next time you step your foot outside your room. While we are not sure whether the Mature Bag can help you out, these things would definitely. Let us know if we missed any.