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Degree in management: why choose it and what are your options?

Satyam Purwar Satyam Purwar
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Do you enjoy working with people and managing responsibility? If you answered ‘yes!’ to both parts of the question, a management course might be worth considering. A manager is mainly in charge of leading a group of people towards a common goal. For that reason, management training typically imparts critical thinking skills, which are important for problem-solving. However, that is not all the benefit you will gain from studying management and its related courses. 

Here are the top three advantages that make this choice of study one of the most attractive out there. 

Better career progression 

Trained to lead and innovate, it is no surprise that management graduates have better opportunities at obtaining a high-level position within an organisation. This same reason makes postgraduate management studies an ideal choice for working adults who desire to advance in their current positions. 

Variety, variety, variety 

Management roles are not only found in every industry but are valued by organisations big and small. You will thus have an advantage when it comes to choosing your career path. Be it marketing, finance, or human resources; a management degree can take you wherever your ambition leads you. 

Also, as a manager, you will encounter unexpected challenges regularly. Apart from giving you the opportunity to think out of the box, this stimulating career life creates a diversity of invaluable career experiences. 

Be your own boss

With enough experience and an array of useful skills that you will take away from a management course, you could also explore starting, managing, and developing your own business. 

SIM: Popular Management Courses 

Think it all sounds good? Now take a look at some of the popular course options to get a better idea of the exciting possibilities that management and its related studies can offer. 

Bachelor of Science in International Business 

Designed to give students a global outlook and cultural awareness, this course is for anyone who wishes to step into international management. Through debates, discussions, and opportunities to experience business in action within another culture, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage an organisation that conducts business in multiple countries. 

Some career prospects you can look forward to: business analyst, human resources manager, corporate trainer, brand manager.

Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance

The world of banking and finance revolves around risk. That is why this course will familiarise you with how financial institutions manage risk, how financial markets trade risk, and how new instruments are developed to control risk. All this knowledge, coupled with insights on how financial intermediaries and institutions operate, will empower you to keep your company on top of risks and market changes.

Some career prospects you can look forward to: the financing manager, treasurer, management consultant, bank manager.

Master of Science in Engineering Business Management 

Professionals in the engineering, manufacturing, and process-based industry can look to this course to give their careers a boost. Developed to hone management and leadership abilities, the program is divided into three broad modules, including business, operations, and technology. Specifically, you will learn the use of analytical tools and techniques, ways to improve internal and external operations, methods to research, analyse and evaluate complex business information, and more. 

Some career prospects you can look forward to: plant administrator, senior lead analyst, engineering project manager, construction manager 

Master of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Management 

This course aims to produce change agents and leaders who can engineer and manage effective supply chains, as well as lead integration in technology-based companies. While a bachelor’s program in the same field offers a broader understanding of supply chain management with an emphasis on general business, this master’s program focuses on using enterprise resource planning systems to improve the operational functions of a business. Innovation, program, and project strategy, as well as direction motivation, are just a few of the useful topics that you will cover during the course. 

Some career prospects you can look forward to: the head of purchasing, systems support manager, warehouse operations manager

Regularly updated to stay ahead of trends and changes, each of these courses comes from a renowned university in the UK, including:

  • University of London: One of the oldest universities in the world established in 1836
  • University of Birmingham: the Named University of the Year for Graduate Employment1 
  • University of Warwick: Ranked 51st in the world2

However, you do not have to travel that far to pursue your course of choice, because the Singapore Institute of Management Global Education (SIM GE) has partnered these universities to bring the courses to Singapore. 

Hailed as the heart of Asia, Singapore’s diversity and world-class infrastructure will enrich your learning journey. At the end of your studies, you can expect an internationally recognised qualification that is awarded by the respective universities. Top it off with SIM GE’s vibrant, multicultural campus environment, and you are sure to gain a global edge. After all, that is what you need to go further in your career!