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Give Wings to Your Dream of Becoming a Teacher Through Education Loan

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
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Give Wings to Your Dream of Becoming a Teacher Through Education Loan

The trend for pursuing teaching training has always dominated the education industry. 19.5 lakh teachers pass out every year from almost 19,000 teacher education institutes in India. Lately, the fee of teacher education has seen a rise just like the other popular majors. As a consequence, students have now started looking for good education loan options to fund their education.

Fortunately, some banks have started offering certain teacher education course centric education loan schemes. Jammu and Kashmir Bank is offering J&K B.Ed. and M.Ed. Education Loan Scheme, specifically for those students who want to pursue teacher training courses. Such a scheme is offering hopes of support to students who otherwise settle down for inferior colleges due to cost issues.

The J&K B.Ed. and M.Ed. Education loan scheme has provisions for offering loans up to INR 25,000 with an additional margin of 10%. This will be beneficial as students won’t be required to completely fund their education with an education loan. Generally, students pursue B.Ed. after doing a job for a brief time. Such students can utilize their savings and also minimize their education loan burden.

Rate of Interest

The Jammu and Kashmir Bank Education Loan Schemes have kept a low base rate at 9.50%. The interest rate for all the schemes, including this one, are decided according to that.


The bank has kept very simple eligibility criteria for students to avail education loan to assist their teacher training. The major eligibility criteria are:

  • Student must be a citizen of India.

  • Graduation must have been completed from a recognized institute.

  • The loan application must be forwarded by the principal of the college in which admission is done.

The scheme covers almost all recognized colleges offering B.Ed. course in India. Some of the popular colleges are:

Under this scheme, the bank will charge a processing fee for 0.05% and offer a repayment structure comprising 12 equal monthly instalments. In return, the bank asks only for a third party guarantee as security.

Even the government is working for teacher education as the HRD minister recently announced. The government is issuing notifications to institutes to start offering 4-year integrated courses of B.Ed. The 3 categories would include B.A.-B.Ed., B.Sc.-B.Ed., and B.Com.-B.Ed. as the integrated courses.

The number of students opting for teacher training courses remains large and the job requirements are really less. So, it becomes important for students to pursue education training courses from well-established and well-recognized colleges to improve their career prospects. Education loan will help in such scenarios as students won’t have to settle for not-so-good institutes now.