Integrated Courses are the New Trend. Know Which One Can Help You.

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Indian universities and colleges are coming up with innovative integrated courses for higher education. Most of us confuse these integrated degree courses with dual degree courses, though there is a difference. While a dual degree offers you two separate degrees at the end of the course, an integrated course will offer you just one single degree.

Institutes, including certain IITs and IIMs, are coming up with various avant-garde courses to help students pursue their dream courses. For those students who want to expertise in 2 different fields, integrated courses offer a linking bridge. These courses include the content of both the disciplines, regulated by some guidelines.

So now, even if you want to pursue both engineering and law, it’s possible. Yes, you heard that right. Moreover, most of these courses even allow students to exit in between and earn a degree for just 1 discipline. Have a look at them and find out if any suits your needs.

1. techMBA


When most of the B.Tech graduates choose to pursue an MBA later on, then why not to study them together? IIT Madras is launching techMBA this year, a 5-year integrated course for its students. Management subjects will be introduced from the 6th semester onwards after students pass in a qualifying exam in the 5th semester. To get details about this course including eligibility and course curriculum, click here.

2. Integrated B.Ed.

integrated bed

Integrated B.Ed. has been just announced a few days back by the HRD minister of India. The course, which will be of 4-year duration, is expected to begin this session only. This course will save them one year and can be undertaken in 3 categories: B.A.-B.Ed., B.Sc.-B.Ed., and B.Com.-B.Ed. The government has already started the process of issuing a notification to recognized colleges regarding this.

3. B.Tech.-LLB


If people call you weird, just because you want to study both engineering and law, care not. A new integrated course of both B.Tech. and LLB has just been started by a few colleges. For example, UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies), Dehradun. The college offers B.Tech(CSE)-LLB(Hons.) students a specialization in Cyber Law and B.Tech(Energy Technology)-LLB(Hons.) students a specialization in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

4. Integrated Program in Management


IIM Rohtak is offering an integrated program in management (IPM) since 2011, a first-of-its-kind course. This programme has been accredited by the Association of MBAs, London. The programme will consist of 15 terms over a span of 5 years. The first 3 years will focus on building a foundation while the last 2 years will deal with various management aspects.

5. Fashion and Lifestyle Technology

fashion and lifestyle technology

If you want to study a design course that includes both the creativity of fashion and lifestyle and also the domains of the corporate world, then this is your call. Some colleges offer a B.Sc.+M.Sc. integrated course in fashion and lifestyle technology for a duration of 5 years. The curriculum includes subjects like Fashion Journalism and Photography, Fashion Enterprise Management and Supply Chain, Quality Control, and Cost and Logistics. The students are trained to assist the fashion industry in every possible way.

6. Integrated M.Tech.

integrated mtech

Don’t confuse “Integrated M.Tech” with “B.Tech+M.Tech dual degree”. Though both the courses span over a duration of 5 years and are an amalgamation of 4-year B.Tech. and a 2-year M.Tech., there are differences. Just like explained before, an integrated course will give you just 1 degree, while a dual degree course will grace you with 2 separate degrees.

These integrated courses are setting a new trend in the market and many students have already started opting them. If you also feel that these courses suit your needs, choose them now.