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Areas Apart from Traditional Classrooms to Boost Your Knowledge

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
Content Curator

Areas Apart from Traditional Classrooms to Boost Your Knowledge

Classrooms are a source of extensive learning and no one can deny that. Nevertheless, classrooms are individually not able to provide all the knowledge required by students for their overall development. While they focus more on the theoretical and customary methods of teaching, students need to get experienced in the “outer real world”.

Exploring options like field trips and college seminars will not only make them face spontaneous learning but will also give a better understanding of the industry they are preparing for. When learning goes outside the classroom, students get a chance to explore their potential and also learn to work in collaboration with others.

Moreover, out-of-the-box learning methods are not limited to just 1 single discipline and provide students with knowledge in multiple sectors. Informative in approach, these areas boost the skill enhancement process.

1. Online Sources

online education

The first thing which comes to mind when we talk about “learning-outside-classroom” is online education. Trending very much these days, online websites and apps have opened a multitude of opportunities for students to grab as much knowledge as possible.

2. Seminars and Conferences

seminars and conferences

The seminars and conferences organized in institutes from time-to-time are a substantial source of learning when so many learned people speak on the topics of their expertise.

3. Projects


Learning from such conferences can be incremented by making and presenting projects. This helps in building group and co-operative skills and also teaches students to deal with success and failures.

4. Industry Tours

industry tours

Visiting industries related to your field helps you get detailed insights into how things work. What you had been mugging up for quite a while in the classrooms will be in front of you.

5. Field Trips

field trips

Don’t confuse industry tours with field trips. While industry tours focus on the technical aspects of what you study, field trips are intended to give you opportunities for non-experimental research and experiences outside mundane day-to-day activities.

6. Internships


Internships are an exciting phase where you finally get to work on and implement what you have been studying for so long. You understand the real-case scenarios and what kind of hurdles are encountered.

7. Debating Events


Debating events are not just about discussing policies and screaming. They give you an opportunity to prepare your knowledge in a presentable form and also consider another person’s opinions.

8. Societies


Almost every field and major has related societies established by people who want to make advancements in the field. Spending time with them and participating in a thought exchange program will boost your knowledge.

9. Coaching


Coaching your friends and juniors helps you refine the skills which you have learned before. You can also utilize this opportunity to earn some extra bucks.

Classroom teaching is effective but if you focus on just 1 dimension, you are going to miss out the others. Make sure you explore all of these areas and master your field.