As Group Discussions are Crucial for Admissions, Learn How to Ease Them.

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Group Discussions are becoming the new necessity for almost all kinds of company interviews and admissions to B-schools. Simply called GD, they test the communicative skills of a student at a time when the entrance exams test only academic knowledge. Howbeit, what all does it take to clear a group discussion round?

While most people perceive GDs to be a test of speaking skills solely, that’s not the case. A GD tests your overall communication skills including both speaking and listening, your interpersonal skills and how well you react to situations. It is a test of your soft skills and how good you are at managing people.

A group discussion often acts as a mass-elimination round, thus, it becomes more vital for you to give your best for it. Most people stress on just studying various topics to increase their knowledge. It is an important aspect but there is much more to it. In order to help you prepare for your group discussions, we bring to you some of the best tips.

1. Do Research


Although it is not the sole criterion, research is important. You can never predict what kind of topic you might get so prepare from a plethora of topics ranging from current affairs to social issues to market trends.

2. Your Attire Matters

smartly dressed

Group discussions are all about judging your communication and interpersonal skills. Still, your first impression matters as much as it matters in any other case. Make sure you are dressed properly before you enter the room.

3. Don’t Hesitate


GD is not as strict as debate competitions and there are no established sections to judge you. So don’t hesitate to clear your doubts, if you have any. Make sure you understand the topic well and leave no confusion.

4. Take Initiative

take initiative

Taking initiative is an important action in group discussions as it depicts that you are ready to take the responsibility, guide people and lead them towards a solution. However, do this only if you understand the topic and are not clueless.

5. Speak Properly

speaking well

Once you start speaking, keep a moderate attitude for both your speed and tone. You cannot afford your listeners missing out what you speak.

6. Never Scream

never scream

The biggest mistake participants of a GD do is that they start yelling. Even when the atmosphere gets hot and people are contradicting views ferociously, never scream. Group discussions are a serious test of your patience and calmness and you should win that part.

7. Stay Precise


In your attempt to win that GD, don’t deviate from the original topic given to you. Don’t speak unnecessary things even when you fall short of points. It is better to stay quiet rather than to get yourself mocked.

8. Give Relevant Data

data presentation

Substantial content matters in every conversation including group discussions. Mentioning some figures and data can increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

9. Listen to Every Opinion


Imagine group discussions to be like the casual conversations you have when you sit down with your friends. Everyone puts forward their points and no one interrupts. That’s how GDs are supposed to be executed, just simple discussions.

10. Help People Get Involve


Show your leadership skills by helping those who are not able to speak. Some people find public speaking difficult and that’s totally cool. Help them speak and make them feel included.

11. Quality over Quantity

quality over quantity

How you speak matters more in a GD rather than what you speak. Speak simple English, say no jargons and never exaggerate or flaunt yourself. Everyone in the room is equal and you are no different.

A group discussion is all about speaking and also letting others speak. We are sure these tips will help you clear the next round of GD you prepare for.