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Avanse Announces New Education Loan Scheme on Teacher's Day. Learn How Can You Benefit.

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Avanse Announces New Education Loan Scheme on Teacher's Day. Learn How Can You Benefit.

Education Loan industry keeps catering to the interests of the borrowers from time to time. Avanse Financial Services, one of the biggest education loan lending NBFC, has just announced another scheme during the celebration of Teacher’s Day on September 5. This exclusive “Teacher’s Day Offer” will be applicable throughout the country and is expected to benefit hundreds of education loan aspirants.

Under this scheme, students will be getting Avanse Education Loans at special rates as Avanse will offer them a discount of 0.5%. However, this won’t be applicable to everyone. The NBFC has made 2 categories to offer this special loan to students.

  • The co-borrower of the student is a teacher.

  • The student is applying for a teaching course.

This offer is valid throughout the month of September and is the organization’s way of expressing their gratitude for the teachers. Through this scheme, Avanse Education Loan is promoting an education ecosystem in India. The NBFC is encouraging students to pursue teaching courses and aims to provide a boost to India’s education industry.

About Avanse

Avanse Financial Services is a leading NBFC providing education loans in India and making higher education expenses affordable. With a vision to focus on profitable growth in the area of education fiancing, Avanse offers doorstep services for student loans.

The “Teacher’s Day Offer” from Avanse is not limited to just a discount in the interest rate. Applicants will also get a 0.5% discount on the processing fee which currently ranges from 1-2%.

Benefits of Avanse Education Loan

Apart from this new offer, Avanse has been offering many other beneficial schemes for a long time to attract people and increase its customer base. Some of the benefits the company offers include:

  • 100% Finance/No Margin Money

  • Loan disbursement before admission/visa

  • No upper limit on the loan amount

  • Flexible repayment options

  • Doorstep service

  • Covers pre-admission expenses

Education Loan Schemes Supporting Teacher Education

Avanse is not alone when it comes to offering an Education Loan Scheme for Studies in India and Abroad in order to support the teaching course education. Many other banks also offer education loan schemes specifically to support the higher education related to teaching course. One such bank is Jammu and Kashmir Bank.

The Jammu and Kashmir Bank has introduced J&K B.Ed. and M.Ed. Education Loan Scheme to help those students who want to pursue B.Ed. or M.Ed. courses in India. The scheme offers loan amounts up to INR 25,000 at a low interest rate of just 9.50%.

Read in detail about J&K B.Ed. and M.Ed. Education Loan Scheme

Such schemes are helping teaching courses bloom in India. Almost 20 lakh teachers pass out in India every year. Avanse has introduced its Special Offer at the appropriate time by choosing Teacher’s Day 2019 to launch this scheme.