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Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Our Methods of Learning. Learn How.

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
Content Curator

Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Our Methods of Learning. Learn How.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to play an important role in the future of education with the advent of more and more ICT based apps. Already implemented in many schools and colleges, Artificial Intelligence provides students with an interactive form of learning and helps teachers deliver their contents more sophisticatedly.

Along with Machine Learning (ML), AI has the capacity to transform future teaching methods and that will not just improve the performance of students but will also help them land in better companies and industries. Building interactive charts, those superb presentations, and being surrounded with data everywhere, all that comes to life in classrooms equipped with the latest AI and ML technologies.

Recently, CBSE also tied up with Microsoft in order to provide crucial AI training to their teachers in 10 cities across the country. In this Capacity Building Program, they will undergo training of Microsoft tools like OneNote, Teams, Outlook, and Flipgrid. AI offers methods like digital storytelling to make classroom learning an unforgettable experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the important ways through which AI helps in revolutionizing education and the learning process.

1. Performance Analysis

performance analysis

AI technology based apps help in analysing a student’s performance. They use past and present performance indicators to predict future possibilities.

2. Compare Performances

compare performances

These apps can also help in comparing the performances of different students. AI apps can make different categories of students for different needs and tell us which students perform better in which fields.

3. Predict the Needs of Students


After analysing the performances of students in different fields, the teachers and fellow classmates get an idea of where the student is lagging behind. This way, better-oriented support can be provided to them.

4. Curated Content for Teachers

content curated

AI apps have a lot in store for teachers as they (the apps) can crawl a thousand websites on the internet and provide the teachers with the best-curated content to teach in the class.

5. Customized Information for Students


Not just teachers, even students get access to a plethora of information. AI apps can make searches under different categories according to the students’ needs and help them study better.

6. Distance Learning

video lecture

Such apps come to rescue when the teachers or students don’t have access to the education centres. Teachers can record lectures which can be listened to by the students later on.

7. Provide Targeted Training

targeted training

After identifying the sector in which student has a good scope for development, teachers can provide targeted training to them for excelling in the field. Special trainers can also be hired by the institute.

8. Find a Job


The best benefit they can provide is identifying a suitable job for the candidate by understanding the person’s needs and the skills they possess.

Though Artificial Intelligence is augmenting the abilities of students and teachers, it should not be viewed as something which will totally replace the traditional teaching methods.