How are Robotics Competitions Helping in Modern Education?

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Robotics is at the forefront of the technological world and it has gained a lot of importance due to the upcoming trends of modern education.  As per a report, it has been estimated that the Robotic Process Automation market is expected to reach around USD 8.75 billion by the year 2024. The demand for jobs in this field is also increasing day by day, thereby inspiring young students to enroll in robotics training institutes to master this. 

As we know that change is inevitable, so in order to be in pace with the ever-changing technological world, students are navigating from the traditional old-school technology to a more advanced version and Robotics aid in being more automatic. All this has led to a number of avenues to exhibit robotic skills learned so far.  

Robotics competitions are the new trend in the market as they bring entertainment as well as information which infuses enthusiasm among students of all ages to work together. Education and Entertainment, when coupled together, make an exotic combo by promoting innovative learning and intellectual thinking. There are various robotics competitions like World Robotic Olympiad (WRO), Robot fest and the MakeX Robotics Competition which prepares the students to become future innovators. In India, we have ISPL (Indian STEAM Premier League) which is the only competition in India that belongs to the STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Education format. 

These competitions and events enable students to learn and develop 21st-century skills efficiently and at a much faster pace. Various skills like creative problem solving, time management, teamwork, self-directed learning, computational thinking, working in teams and many more are easily learned through this. Thus, Robotic Competitions have made a positive impact on students. The average salary of a Robotics Engineer is 4.37 Lakhs. Various tools like RPA Blue Prism and UiPath in Robotics can be learned in Robotics.

Reasons to Start a Robotics Competition Team:

1. Students Learn Teamwork and Ability to Solve Problems

In robotics competitions, students work as a team and they build their robot in a team. This makes them learn project planning and if their robot malfunctions then they also learn how to fix an issue under pressure.

2. Promotes Intense Learning

The competition involves a lot of parameters like dynamic teamwork, creative challenges, project planning, time management and many more. Students learn how to work within all these and this also enhances their creativity.

3. Various Domains to Work On

Building and programming are not the only areas to be focussed on. There is also a requirement for people who can design logos, coordinate and manage logistics, and many other types of fields.

4. Equal Rights

It is a kind of sport. Each and every participant gets an equal chance to perform and learn real-world skills. It also enables students to make industry connections. 

5. Promotes STEM Education Format

Students become more interested in STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. They get inspired to pursue a career in the field of science and technology.

Our young youth gets a chance to showcase their talent even at a smaller age. This also enhances their ability to research on various technologies. The automation industry is gaining huge popularity nowadays and due to this, the demand for STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) graduates has increased. This has made the schools shift their focus to STEAM as a New Age Education System. The creativity level is high in this domain which provides more flexibility to the students working in. Students learn various skills like perseverance, communication, critical thinking, engineering, time and project management. 
Robotics is entirely based upon experiments that aid students in making effective and critical decisions. These competitions take out students from silos and make them a team-player. 

Automation techniques are in continuous growth and the robotic process automation is one of the revolutions in the automation industry and this is expected to go far beyond our expectations. 
This provides a whole new dimension as students here get some space from the digital lifestyle and their work is totally based on the experimental approach. Moreover, parents are also happy with this field as they like watching their children being on a progressive path and this path is essential for them to sustain in the future.