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Medical PG Students Might Have to do a Mandatory Internship in District Hospitals Soon.

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Medical PG Students Might Have to do a Mandatory Internship in District Hospitals Soon.

If everything goes according to the plan of the Medical Council of India (MCI), soon all the postgraduate medical students would be serving mandatory internships in the district hospitals. A Board of Governors (BoG) has submitted this proposal to the Ministry of Health, Government of India regarding this.

If the proposal gets approved by the ministry, it will become compulsory for all the PG students in the country to serve for at least 3 months in the district hospitals to become eligible to sit in the final exams. The Board of Governors which has submitted this proposal is vested with the powers of the Medical Council of India.

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Why District Hospitals?

Currently, most of the students practice a rotational internship for their postgraduate degree in medical education. Students have been choosing private health centres and urban health centres to complete the mandatory 3 months with a health centre. The basic tendency to avoid working with a govt. centre deprives them of learning the country’s public health system.

District Hospitals: As per the definition submitted, any publicly funded hospital having around 200 or more beds will be considered for this program.

The public health centres in the country are currently undergoing an abysmal condition. The services are not up to the mark in many of them and there is a shortage of specialist doctors. By directing the students toward these institutions, the council plans to end this lack. Students undergoing internships at these centres will not only help in treating the patients but will also get an idea of the government sector.

Which Courses are Included?

As the sources disclose, the BoG has sent the proposal for all the medical courses at the postgraduation level. These include a wide plethora of courses like:

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Admissions to all of these courses are done through a common entrance exam NEET-PG. As the conducting body stated, almost 1,50,000 students appeared for NEET-PG 2019 Exam. With such a large workforce at work, patients in the district hospitals will definitely get enough helping hands for their treatment.

This “District Residency Programme” will be applicable for students of both government and private institutions. The BoG has sent this proposal to the Ministry of Health and now the ministry’s decision is awaited. If 3-month internship at district hospitals is mandated, students will also get valuable practical exposure to assist them in their postgraduate degree education.

The board has also suggested for a Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) to coordinate this program and prepare an annual roster for the placement of the postgraduate students.