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Learning to Walk and Talk: IIT Students to Receive Special Placement Trainings

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
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Learning to Walk and Talk: IIT Students to Receive Special Placement Trainings

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have just announced that they will now be running grooming sessions for their students who will be appearing for the placement interviews on the campus. This is an attempt by the institutes to help the students increase their chances of securing a job during the placement season itself.

This comes after the IITs have received complaints from many employers regarding the appearance of the students during the placements and also later on in the company premises. Students who appear for job interviews are often found lacking adequate preparation, meeting etiquettes and good communication skills.

This often results in some companies not visiting the campuses to recruit students as they do not want to hire unprofessional students. Now, these IITs want to give special training to their students regarding their dress code during placements and also the business etiquettes and communication skills.

The issue first came into notice in 2017 after a meeting between the IIT officials and the members of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). This happened when many multi-national companies submitted their negative feedbacks.

What Do the Employers Say?

There is no doubt about the smartness and expertise of the IIT graduates, and that is what even these employers report. However, as they report, IIT graduates lack adequate presentation skills when in the office.


What’s the Plan Now?

The administrations of various IITs have now fastened their belts and are planning for stringent measures to help their students.

  • These grooming sessions will start before the placement season and will also continue alongside.

  • These sessions will be compulsory for all and the students will be given training on how to dress professionally, speak fluently and even some tips on business meetings and parties.

  • The entire responsibility will be on the shoulders of the Training and Placement cell.

  • As part of these pre-placement training programs, placement cell officials will conduct group discussions and mock interviews.

  • The interview panels will comprise the IIT alumni.

Apart from these measures, the IITs are also making it mandatory for students to maintain at least 80% attendance to appear in the placements.

While IITs plan to take these steps by December this year, AICTE already made certain changes in its training and placement policy sometime earlier to help students of engineering, architecture, and other technical backgrounds bag superior jobs.