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5 Countries Which Offer Almost Free of Cost Education to International Students

Risha Sinha Risha Sinha
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5 Countries Which Offer Almost Free of Cost Education to International Students

In India, more and more students are opting for an education from foreign countries. According to the report of UNESCO, around 30,00,000 students were studying abroad by the year 2017. With an estimated increase of 1% in the population of India every year, the average opportunities are not increasing at the same pace. This has lead to a huge number of students migrating to foreign countries for their studies. But studying abroad always comes up with huge expenses associated with it. 

Cost is a major factor and it has always been tried to take it into consideration. Many government bodies have passed several laws and adopted some measures in order to decrease the cost of studying abroad. Studying abroad provides a lot of international exposure to the students. Moreover, it also enhances economic activity, labor force, and competitive spirit. With this thing in mind, many countries have made their education cost negligible.

We have described some of the lesser-known countries which provide almost free education:

1. Germany 

If you are looking forward to studying at a public university in Germany, then you will have to give zero tuition fees. You will only be responsible to pay administrative fees which range from INR 11k to INR 16K. English is a commonly spoken language in Germany which makes it easier for international students to study here.

2. Norway 

The universities in Norway strongly believe in the idea of equality. They are looking forward to developing high-quality education while recognizing the value of using their abundant resources. They want to create a proper structure where native, as well as international students, can study effectively. Brilliant public universities will be there for everyone to study irrespective of their societal and economic background constraints. But here, most of the universities will demand proficiency in the Norwegian language as most of the courses are taught in their native language.

 3. The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the education fee is highly subsidized by the Dutch Government. Due to this, it is a viable option for all the international students out there. There are various programs in both the Dutch and English Languages. You can also avail different scholarships here. Most of the universities have well-equipped computer facilities with high-speed internet services.

4. Finland 

In Finland, all the Doctoral Level or in Finnish/Sweden Courses are free of cost. You will not have to pay any tuition fees for these courses. But for the English programs at the graduate and postgraduate levels, you will have to pay an approximate amount of $1,700 or more annually. Students with an extraordinary academic record can avail different scholarships offered by the government of Finland. Here, we have courses in the field of designing, architecture, communication, etc. There are various polytechnic colleges that emphasize practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

5. Poland 

In Poland, you can study a full-time higher education course free of cost only if you are a Polish student or you belong to the EU (European Union) /EEA (European Economic Area) nation. Apart from this, they have various scholarships for students who do not belong to these categories and are foreign nationals. This will help them in studying at considerably low fees.

We need a large number of opportunities for the fast-growing population of our country. So, we have to pay attention and grab opportunities like these in order to accelerate our careers.