SRM Group Chancellor and Perambalur MP Dr. TP Paarivedhar Steps in to fight COVID-19

SRM University

The spread of COVID-19 is not unknown to the world, wherein every day new cases of infections are reported and new cases of deaths are on a hike as well. The spread has seen a marginal rise across the world, and our country, India, is not far behind when it comes to numbers. With the current scenario of panic, the number of cases has risen exponentially in a span of a week. To avoid the spread of the virus, the Prime Minister of India has asked people not to come out of their homes and has established a situation of lockdown.

Although the lockdown has seen very few new cases, the cases which are still being reported are proving out to be a threat for everyone. With the lack of required equipment to fight the battle with corona, hotels and religious places have opened their doors to help the government set up isolation wards. Whereas many tycoons, public figures have come together to donate funds to the government to battle the virus.

One such noble and notable figure is the Dr. TR Paarivendhar SRM Group Chancellor, and the Member of Parliament from the region of Perambalur stepped in to fight the spread of Corona Virus by donating amount of Rs. 1,00,00,000. In his words, Dr. TR Paarivendhar said, “I wish to allocate Rs.1,00,00,000/- from Perambalur parliamentary constituency MPLADS towards combating COVID-19 detection, prevention, and treatment of coronavirus in my constituency .”  The donation comes as a blessing in disguise and an act of responsibility from Dr. TR Paarivendhar.He made the donation of Rs. 1 crore from his Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).  The act reflects upon his nature to care for his people in the dire circumstances. The allocated funds will help the affected in the six regions that come under his constituency.

The allocated funds are as follows:

  1. Perambalur Assembly Constituency – Rs 40,00,000
  2. Lalgudi Assembly Constituency – Rs 10,00,000
  3. Manachanallur Assembly Constituency – Rs 10,00,000
  4. Thuraiyur Assembly Constituency -Rs 10,00,000
  5. Musiri Assembly Constituency – Rs 10,00,000
  6. Kulithalai Assembly Constituency – Rs 20,00,000

He went on to add that “These funds will be utilized effectively for the purchase of personal protection equipment kits for the medical personnel, ICU ventilators, face masks, gloves, sanitizers, and any other medical equipment recommend by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare”. This comes as a big step for the constituencies as well as the country where people, although they are socially distant, are coming together to fight for one cause and safeguard each other.