Think beyond Medical and Engineering: Courses Science Students can pursue after 12th

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Traditionally, engineering and medicine have been the 2 obvious choices for a science student. These have always been considered as coveted courses and bring along a sense of accomplishment and honor.

Also, the options were very limited beyond engineering and medical courses for science students. However, the scenario has changed now. Students are now looking for other academic avenues that can satisfy their creative spirit, simultaneously offering great career options in the future. Here are other prominent options which offer a promising career path


Bachelor of Architecture is a branch that deals with planning and construction of buildings, commercial structures, public utility structures, and so forth. An Architecture graduate can be absorbed by MNCs and leading players that operate in the construction sector. They can also start their practice in this creative field. 


Aviation can be your top career choice if you are looking to skip the 9-5 job routine. It is a perfect mix of science, technology, and travel. You can be a commercial pilot, flying cargo planes, corporate jets. Apart from that, you can work as an aircraft maintenance engineer, or find opportunities with various aircraft manufacturing firms or airport authorities.

Business administration

Bachelor of Business Administration has no relevance to the science stream. However, science stream students can pursue this 3-year course. After its completion, one may pursue M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), which is a two-year master's degree program. 

Fashion Technology

Fashion Technology seeks to amalgamate the principles of manufacturing and technology, with those of design. People in this field, work on the design and development of fabrics, and the manufacturing process to ensure quality and efficiency of fabrics and garments. During your course, you learn about textile fibres, fabrics, garment manufacture, and garment design through Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. Those with a flair for fashion and a love for technology can look forward to an exciting and rewarding career in this field.

Industrial design

As opposed to the traditional fields of design, such as fashion and apparel design, which a student from any stream can pursue, there are certain sub-fields of design that require the technical expertise of a science student. Product Designers are involved in the design and manufacture of products, ranging from mobile phones, Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches, to wheelchairs, furniture, and home appliances. Automobile Design is another application of industrial design which deals with the design and manufacture of automobiles, such as cars, bikes, etc.

Forensic Science

A relatively new field in India, Forensic Science, is rapidly creating a space for itself, owing to an increase in crime, and the need for a scientific, methodical approach to solving cases. 

Animations & Graphics

The Animation sector in India is growing exponentially, owing to an increase in demand for VFX, post-production, and CGI. While the Indian television & film industry has a long history of outsourcing such technologies to professionals from overseas, the need for home-grown content is being felt. The resulting demand for talented and competent professionals in the field of Animation & Graphics has resulted in a rise in popularity for this career. 

Physical Science

It is an extremely broad domain and refers to the study of inorganic materials, such as the earth, space, and atmosphere. This domain encompasses various fields including Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, Cartography, Disaster Management, etc., where practitioners analyze scientific phenomena based on the experiments and complex instrumentations. Your career path, opportunities, and work profile will vary significantly, depending on the specific field you choose in this domain.


Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary branch of science that is popular among youngsters as it is providing ample opportunities for those who want to explore the new and modern frontiers of science. It does not refer to a specific industry or job. The applications of Biotechnology are vast as it caters to various industrial sectors like food, textiles, pharmaceutical, agriculture, animal husbandry, and more. Along with the technical part and engineering applications, biotechnology is giving rise to various new fields with humongous job opportunities.

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