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Mr. Praveen Tyagi is the Managing Director, Pace- IIT & Medical CEO and Founder, EduIsFun Technologies. He is a man with a vision to make quality education accessible to even the remotest parts of India. Hailing from a modest background, he has come a long way to become a reckoned name in the field of education. His contributions through Pace-IIT and Medical, have been recognized and appreciated by IIT Bombay, the CBSE and top International Universities such as Stanford, MIT, etc. Mr Tyagi pioneered the concept of integrated learning, a means to eliminate the time wasted by students in travelling from school to coaching classes. PACE's integrated program started as a collaboration with RN Podar in Santacruz. Now, with permission from the government of Maharashtra, PACE has 6 of its own junior colleges showcasing the highest cut-offs for science.

The urge to building a strong foundation for student’s career is still persisting

After 22+ years of teaching, grooming, guiding, and mentoring some of the finest minds of this country through PACE IIT & Medical, there is still an urge for building a strong foundation for students’ careers. It’s really important to build a child’s conceptual foundation as education plays a significant role in our lives. It helps us build an opinion or gives us a perspective on life. For me, I’ve always aimed and worked towards solving these two major problems:

  1. Educational inequalities in India
  2. Low Technology Adoption in India

These two factors have given me a plethora of opportunities to keep me working harder and keeping me connected with the education sector in our country. 

Another key aspect that keeps me connected with the students is training the brilliant minds and the joy of teaching them.

I have always shown keen interest in sharpening and nurturing the skills of a child and synchronizing with their intellectual potential. I feel like the richest person in this estate as there is no other happiness than training and grooming such meritorious students that go on to become national assets.

I believe in understanding a child and seek out to unlock his/her potential

I believe in collaborative, integral, and communicative leadership. The most important aspect has always been about building the foundation for the students. I believe in understanding a child and seek out to unlock his/her potential to become the country’s biggest assets. Everyone has their own specialized set of skills and powers, and a little tap of guidance from us will make them achieve all to their capability.

It is a matter of pride that our students compete at national and international level for various courses

At Pace IIT & Medical, our vision is to become the best brand in the education industry for Engineering, Medical & Study Abroad aspirants, and turn their dreams into reality by providing the highest quality of education. 

We believe in innovation and excellence and this is why we are the proven boon to Engineering & Medical aspirants. It is indeed a matter of immense pride that our students compete at national and international level for various courses and secure the top positions. At PACE, we tirelessly put our best endeavours forward to make the students reach new heights as the young generation will define the future of our country.

Our mission is to unlock opportunities for our students by creating a versatile and competent learning system

Our mission at PACE IIT and Medical Institute is to unlock the opportunities for Engineering & Medical aspirants by creating a versatile and competent learning system. We assure the following to our students and parents:

  1. The Perfect Comprehensive Learning Approach: Our innovative learning solutions have revolutionized the concept of a comprehensive approach in IIT JEE and Medical coaching classes.
  2. A Pool of Renowned Faculty Members: Our team comprises highly qualified members, veteran IIT professors, IITians, Doctors, and the most renowned professors of the medical domain.
  3. Interactive Classroom Learning and Support Model: Our classroom model is interactive and constantly developing to suit individual needs by providing abundant mental stimulation.
  4. Student-Centric Approach Aiming At Holistic Learning: Our student-centric approach aims at the well-being of the students, enabling them to learn at their comfort and convenience. 
  5. Online Testing, Assessment, and Feedback Mechanisms: We conduct topic-wise tests, major tests online and the result analysis of students on our study portal PACE Panacea helps them to know their level of understanding. 
  6. Unique and Innovative Library System: Besides books, our faculty members remain present round-the-clock in the library for doubt-solving and individual teaching. 

The concept of putting together a strong team which forms the pillar of any organization is what I believe in

For a successful planning of marketing and administration strategy, I have always believed in the concept of building a strong team. PACE is formed with a strong cooperating team of more than 400+ IITians and Doctors that have been the pillars of the institution. Along with a strong team, we have always emphasized being up-to-date with advanced technology to reach a wider audience. Our strategic planning of the minutest aspect of providing quality education is our foremost goal, and we are gradually achieving it.

We provide a learning environment that extends education beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning

PACE stands synonymous with quality education and provides a learning environment that extends education beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning. Our Artificial Intelligence-based online learning and testing platform is a perfect product developed over seven years by our team of over 400+ IITiansThe product is completely in sync with the needs of the new online pattern. This solution has been developed in-house in order to make students’ learn the concepts and assess online with the help of Artificial Intelligence by throwing adaptive questions at each child, based on their performance. The performance report is generated to get a detailed analysis enabling us to understand the student’s progress in each aspect. 

This online learning portal houses many amazing features that we would like to demonstrate and for more details visit our nearest centre and seek clarity from our experienced Faculties and Senior Counselors.

The education industry has evolved with the advancement in technology and digitalization

The education industry has evolved with the advancement in technology and digitalization. When we started PACE, it was among one of the few options for coaching classes available at that time. The major challenge that we faced was the changing competition and increasing need for integrating with the latest technology. 

PACE has fortunately been one of the frontrunners in adopting and innovating new technology and modes of reaching out to the students. So, in 5 years down the line, we see PACE as an evolved coaching institute that offers more variety of options to help students learn and grow stronger and better.

We have come up with the STEP app that enables students to learn at their ease from home

We have come up with the introduction of STEPapp that enables the students to learn at the ease of their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. STEPapp is a gamified learning platform for school-going students from class 1st to 12th. The concepts in the app are created by the extensive research of 400+ PACE’s IITians and Doctors. The app also provides the students with video lectures prepared by the PACE teachers.

We are committed to providing a happy, safe, and secure environment to realize the dreams of our students

At PACE, we are committed to providing a happy, safe, and secure environment to realize the dreams of our students. Consequently, we have been pitching ourselves on our reputation as a dynamic institute for nearly two decades. We encourage the vibrant and energetic students to develop their confidence and love for learning for a bright future in this competitive era. Knowing the fact that the sweetest fruits do not ripe overnight, we adhere to a holistic and child-centric approach, emphasizing innovative teaching methodology, exclusive & experienced faculty, training sessions, revisions, study material, test patterns, motivational seminars and more to produce the top-notch results every year.Besides the factors conscripted above, there is one specific trait we imbibe within our students and it is the 'scientific attitude'.

Every moment brings new possibilities and opportunities for success

Every moment in life brings new possibilities and opportunities for success; all you need is to grab it and keep up the pace with the changing era and needs of the aspirants. Keeping its core values as strength, PACE IIT & Medical adheres to the best practices to mentor and train the students to help them achieve their goals.