COVID 19 Impact: IIMs Drop WAT from Selection Criteria

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COVID 19 has impacted the admission process of every institution. From diverging online to the removal of screening processes. IIM Indore becomes second IIM after IIM Lucknow which removes the Written Ability Test from its final selection criteria. However, the interviews will be conducted through an online medium. 

WAT Elimination:

IIM Indore and IIM Lucknow has decided to shift to the online mode to conduct the interviews of the remaining candidates for the Admission Session 2020 and has also decided to drop the Written Ability Test(WAT) component and its weightage (i.e. 10 points out of 100) for all the candidates for the PGP and PGP-HRM admission process 2020 as it not possible to conduct Written Ability Test(WAT) in an online mode.

Here is the official Statement:

Dear Candidates,

As you are aware that COVID-19 impacted our admissions process in March 2020 and we decided to shift to the online mode for conducting interviews of the remaining candidates. Since conducting online Written Ability Test (WAT) was not possible for such candidates who appeared for the online interviews, the Admissions Committee after due deliberations and considerations, has decided to drop the WAT component and its weightage for all the candidates for the PGP and PGP-HRM admissions process of IIM Indore for 2020. This change will be applicable to all candidates- those who appeared in-person as well as those who appeared online for the interviews. This decision has been taken by the admissions committee of IIM Indore to ensure consistency and fairness for all the candidates. Please note that IIM Indore reserves the right to amend the Admission Policy at any point if it deems necessary and the current situation warrants this decision in order to maintain process transparency, fairness, and consistency.

Wish you all the best!

Admissions Team, IIM Indore

Whereas in April 2020, IIM Lucknow was the first IIM to announce that the WAT weightage will not be considered for the Admission process 2020 for PGP, PGP-ABM and PGP-SM courses. 

Here is the official notification from IIM Lucknow:

"Owing to gathering restrictions imposed by the Government of India to contain the spread of COVID-19, IIM Lucknow has decided to exclude the Writing Ability Test (WAT, 10 marks) from the evaluation components for admission to PGP/ PGP-ABM/ PGP-SM. This change in the evaluation components is applicable for this year only (i.e., Batch 2020-22)."

Other Top IIMs has released the Final Shortlist for MBA Admission 2020:

In May 2020, top IIMs like IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Kozhikode and IIM Shillong released their Final Shortlists for the MBA Admission for the Session 2020. The commencement of the new batch which was earlier to be conducted in the month of June/July 2020 has now been expected to be conducted in the month of August 2020 depending on the global crisis caused due to COVID-19. 

To handle this situation, IIMs have decided to start the courses on the online platform for a temporary basis till the current situation of Coronavirus lockdown ends. 

IIMs are updating their portals with the latest lectures and online classes so that the students can continue their studies as per the course guidelines.

FMS Delhi is yet to conduct its GD/PI selection process for MBA Admission 2020:

While the IIMs and top Management institutes have started conducting their Admission process for MBA, FMS Delhi one of India’s premier Management Institute is yet to begin their GD/PI selection process and is among the last top business schools to make any notice regarding the Admission process for the session 2020.

FMS Delhi has not yet communicated to the students regarding the future process for the MBA Admission 2020.

Different admission forums have now started questioning the current state of FMS Delhi which has now increased the expression of fear among the candidates who were looking ahead to get an Admission for an MBA course in FMS Delhi.

Some of them have also expressed their frustration on this situation that there has been no notification for the last two months by FMS Delhi, whereas the other top B-schools have either released their final shortlist or are looking ahead to carry out their admission in an online mode.

Recently, many applicants were unable to open FMS Delhi’s official website which has again created ulcerated anxiety among the aspirants.