One year Foreign Master's Degree set to attain equivalence in India

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As said by the officials, the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) will soon give equivalence to one year postgraduate courses offered in abroad. This will prove beneficial for all the students who have completed or are doing a one year master course from universities in the United Kingdom, Australia or Ireland.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is also holding discussions on the same matter. Though there is no finalised decision taken so far. UGC chairman, DP Singh has stated that they are thinking on this, but have not come to any conclusion yet.

Whereas Pankaj Mittal, AIU secretary general has confirmed that they had a meeting regarding the same and they are considering granting recognition to the one year master courses at equal credits. Currently the AIU is working on the equivalence part. Once it is sorted they will go ahead with it. This is going to put the two year master's degree offered in India at par.

At present AIU is taking into account the content and the number of teaching hours in the European or Australian Universities. In India, one credit point is assigned for attending 15 hours of a class. 

AIU Secretary General, Pankaj Mittal also said that if the credits are equal to what India is providing right now, then the recognition will be given.

Recognising the one year master's degree is a long waited demand. Indian students who are studying abroad are hopeful as it is going to be very beneficial for them. However it is also believed by some that this step is further going to increase the inequality in the academic community.