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Learning Online: Mangalore Pre-University Students Learning Lessons via YouTube

Durgesh Rai Durgesh Rai
Content Curator

Educational institutions are closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, which is hampering the learning of students. To ensure the continuous learning of students Dakshina Kannada Pre-university College Principals Association (DKPUCPA) is conducting online classes on YouTube for pre-university students.

The lecturers at St Aloysius College are the ones who are behind these online learning videos. Once these online lessons are shot, they are uploaded on Youtube which enables the students to continue their learning process at the comfort of their own home.

It is a new experience for everyone as earlier classes were conducted in classrooms full of students, but now the whole scene has changed because of the nation wide lockdown and the critical situation induced by the Coronavirus outbreak.

As of now, these classes are being conducted for second year pre-university students, ” Rajaram Rao, a lecturer said. 

Moreover he mentioned that if any student has doubts on any concept, they can contact the teachers, who will ensure that their doubts are resolved. The information about the teachers is given on the system so that they can contact the teacher.

The initiative has received positive feedback from the students as they find it very useful during this time. The teachers who have taught in these classes have taught very well, as if they are teaching right in front of us, Dhanya, a student said.