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St.Mira's organises online program on International Faculty Development

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
Exam Prep Master

St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune recently organised almost a week-long Online International Faculty Development Program which saw the participation of teachers from around the globe.

The online event kicked off on May 18, 2020 and went on till May 23, 2020. As many as 165 faculties from across the world, especially from Bangladesh and other countries in the Middle East, came together in this innovative event to share their vivid ideas in the field of Teaching. 

The event was organised in the presence of St.Mira’s Principal Dr Gulshan H Gidwani, Vice-Principal Dr. Shalini Iyer, IQAC co-ordinator Dr. Jaya Rajagopalan, Course co-ordinator Stella Ambrose, CWE coordinator Dr. Rama Venkatachatachalam and other in house faculty members. The event was successfully organised by Professor Abharita Chatterjee Nahvi. 

The opening day of the event focused on the topic ‘Research Mantra – Brahmastra for Research’. Professor Brijesh Singh hailing from SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore took charge for the day and enlightened fellow participants with the knowledge related to basic research, its meaning and types. He backed up his research with the help of some very interesting case studies.

Dr. Geeta R, HOD, MBA Department, DSATM, Bangalore threw light on ‘How to write a review of Literature’ on the second day. She was followed by Dr. Mamatha J, HOD, Department of MBA & Research Centre, SJBIT, Bangalore on the third day of the event where she interacted with other participants and shared her own viewpoints on ‘How to Design a Questionnaire?’. 

The fourth day started with the topic of ‘Data Analysis Methods and the Resource Person’ explained by Dr. Praveen Sinha who is an associate professor in Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management(DSATM), Bangalore. The whole topic revolved around data analysis and various theoretical and software approach that can be used were highlighted. 

Dr. Brijesh Singh and Dr. Ramannaiah of SJBIT discussed and shared their ideas on ‘Goodness of Data’ and ‘Publish or Perish’ respectively on the fifth day of the program. Everyone was cherished by such good discussion on such important topics in the field of teaching. 

Dr. Anand Sidadapa, Director of Academics, CEP Global concluded the six day long program with an innovative talk on ‘Intellectual Property Rights and How to use Mendeley Desktop for Reference Management System’. This talk was about a topic that every researcher should know and the way Dr. Anand expressed this, helped enlighten various researchers of this field.