Online Classes to transform Teaching-Learning : ASSOCHAM-Primus Partners Survey

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ASSOCHAM-Primus Survey has pointed out that online classes have brought great opportunity for digital revolution in education but homes cannot replace schools or colleges as students miss out on peer-teacher interaction, sports, arts and physical activities.

ASSOCHAM-Primus Survey covered 466 students and 483 teachers in both private and government schools and educational institutions across different states.

In the survey, a majority of the students i.e. 88% said that they miss interactions with their teachers, peers and friends. 51% of students said that they miss extracurricular activities such as sports, physical education, dance, music and arts.

ASSOCHAM Secretary General Deepak Sood confessed, "Thanks to a robust telecom infrastructure, the transition to digital learning was quick as schools and colleges were quite nimble in their response to the national lockdown which came into effect from March 25. However, teaching and learning on the holistic level is not a template which can be copied and file-transferred,survey explained this well."

In the survey conducted, 50% of the students stated that they find it difficult to understand the subject without teacher presence and classroom environment. It is often difficult to adjust in the home environment as it requires a space away from all the distractions so as to focus well in studies.

While 37% of students stated that they are being able to concentrate more at home.It is safe to presume that this section of students are not facing any issues when transitioning from school to home environment. It is also important to assess the quality and effectiveness of learning materials being provided through this virtual teaching- learning mode.