Delhi Schools to submit 'Micro Plans' for reopening in July

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Delhi Government has asked all the schools to come up with a 'micro plan', for reopening of schools in July 2020. The framework has to be submitted by the heads of schools by June 5, 2020.

Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia will discuss the school plans with all the district offices incharge and come up with the final decision.

With the fourth phase of lockdown till May 31, 2020 and certain relaxations by the government, schools are planning to conduct classes during lockdown with a revised academic calendar.

The Directorate of Education has asked schools to submit a report on the current status like students information, infrastructure, teacher support, support staff, etc.The DoE has also asked the schools to incorporate a teaching-learning process that can be a mix of regular as well as online resources.

When the schools reopen, the Heads of each school should consider some important aspects like sanitization, social-distancing, giving emotional support to the students and also keep a track of students.

The schools also have to submit the number of students they can accommodate in each class following the social distancing norms. HoS have been asked to assess the number of students having access to smartphones or regular phones or have no communication device at all. They also have to submit the number of students who can actually attend classes when the schools reopen in July 2020.