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From Early Graduation to Flexible Grading: IITs Introduce New Plans for Graduating Students

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
Content Curator

To prevent their graduating students from facing any trouble due to the lockdown that has been imposed following the coronavirus outbreak, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are offering various options such as early graduation, flexible grading system, no termination, and the option to take examinations later.

For instance, IIT Delhi is giving two options to its graduating batch: they can go for early graduation at the end of June, or normal graduation, which will take place when the institute reopens.

V Ramgopal, the director of IIT Delhi, said, “For the early graduation option… we are offering two choices to students- an ‘audit pass or fail’ or a ‘credit’ option.”

The former will let the students use their previous grades for evaluation, while for the latter, they will have to take online tests, home examinations, and so on.

“[IIT Roorkee has] introduced a system to convert a pass letter grade to a Satisfactory (S) grade without grade point… Further, students also have the option to appear in a re-exam to improve their grades,” said AK Chaturvedi, the director of IIT Roorkee.

Besides, the institute has introduced online evaluation modes for M.Tech and PhD thesis and B.Tech projects. The students may request a late evaluation, and buy themselves time to prepare better or augment their work.

IIT Gandhinagar has come up with a novel grading system for graduating students. It has also launched a postgraduate diploma programme (of a years’ duration) that will assist those graduating students whose future plans have been disrupted by the pandemic.

“We will not be issuing any letter grades for courses in the second semester,” said Pratik Mutha, Dean (Academic Affairs), IIT Gandhinagar. A P(E) or Pass (Emergency) grade will be given to a student who has passed the course. An I/F or Incomplete/Fail grade will be given to students who fail to get a passing grade. They will be given another chance to complete their course and earn a P(E) grade.

IIT Kharagpur has decided to evaluate their students’ performance based on their grades in the mid-semester examination, assignments and viva voce.

Educational institutions across India have been shut since 16 March.