Government Medical College & Hospital, Aurangabad to Begin Certificate Course in COVID-19 Management: Check Details

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According to an official, the Government Medical College and Hospital in Aurangabad, one of the largest health facilities in the Marathwada region, has proposed a certificate course in COVID-19 prevention and management for state-run medical colleges.

Dr Kananbala Yelikar, dean of the Government Medical College & Hospital, wrote in the proposal that the course will assist treatment facilities in obtaining a continuous flow of doctors and required manpower for hospital services.

According to an official, a proposal was submitted to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences' secretary of Medical Education, Director of Medical education and research, and registrar.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the state of hospitals and their management and the fact that, despite monetary incentives, there was a shortage of healthcare personnel, according to the proposal.

About COVID-19 Management Course

A six-month certificate course is proposed for MBBS, homoeopathy, Ayurveda and dentistry graduates, as they are currently involved in treating COVID-19 patients, the official said.

As per the proposal, the syllabus would comprise basic laboratory techniques of virology, safety measures, quality control, the pathogenesis of infectious diseases, diagnosis of COVID-19 and management, ventilator support awareness and vaccination.

When contacted, Dr Yelikar said, "We are currently working with deficit manpower. The course will help us get skilled manpower, which will prove useful during a possible third wave of the pandemic."